Magnificent Melons: Growing Watermelons and Canteloupe in North Texas

Episode 6 of our spring vegetable gardening series

Watermelons and canteloupes are the most-invited guests at summer picnics. They're loved for their super juicy, thirst-quenching, cool flavors. They're also surprisingly easy to grow. In Episode 6 of our spring gardening series, we'll show you how to get them started. Then in later episodes, you'll learn how to bring them to harvest. Of course, we'll also update you on the overall progress of our demonstration garden.

Watch other episodes of our spring vegetable gardening series:

Spring in North Texas is actually several gardening seasons in one. Follow along with us through the changing weather as we grow our own organic demonstration garden. Each episode focuses on a different phase of the spring season as we show you what you can plant and when to plant it, how to grow it and how to care for it using our time-tested organic methods.

Episode 1: Cool Greens & Rocking Roots

Episode 1: Cool Greens & Rockin' Roots introduces you to growing lettuce, spinach, kale, cabbage, and other green leafy vegetables, along with root veggies, such as radishes, carrots, and beets.

Episode 2: Buried Treasures: Potatoes & Onions

In Buried Treasures, we show you how to plant onions, potatoes and garlic. Plus we update you on the progress of our early plantings.

Episode 3: Bigger, Better Tomatoes (and Peppers)

Tomatoes and peppers are by far the most popular edibles to grow, so how could we not devote a class on how to grow these must-have veggies?

Episode 4: Biting Bugs in the Garden

As our weather warms up, the bugs come out and nothing's worse than being harassed by mosquitoes, fire ants and other pests while you're working in your garden. Along with our weekly update on our organic demonstration garden, Episode 4 of Spring Veggie Gardening in North Texas talks about the latest and greatest all natural, organic controls to protect yourself and your family from dangerous and otherwise pesty pests.

Episode 5: Growing Squashes & Cucumbers in North Texas

Learn the organic way to grow summer squashes, zucchinis, and cucumbers while dealing with the special challenges gardeners face in North Texas. We'll show you how to start your plants from seed and get them off to the best possible start. You'll also learn how to prevent devastating squash vine borers, squash beetles, cucumber beetles and other pests without resorting to toxic pesticides.

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