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Marshall Grain Company is dedicated to making the organic gardener a successful gardener. We believe that means delivering personalized service across the full spectrum of lawn-and-garden services. Whether you are a “Do-It-Yourselfer” who’s seeking a quick organic gardening product solution, a homeowner looking for full-scale landscape design and installation, or someone with long-term organic maintenance needs — we're here to help. In addition, our huge landscaping nursery is stocked with Texas Natives and adapted plants that will thrive in our harsh North Texas climate, as well as in-season herbs and vegetables, tropicals, and houseplants.

Marshall Grain was one of the first garden supply companies in North Texas to begin carrying organic gardening supplies in the 1980s, and we continue, as the largest organic garden center in North Texas, to offer unmatched organic product knowledge and first-hand experience in sustainable, eco-friendly landscaping and gardening practices.


From soil, fertilizer, and herbicide to gardening equipment, plants, pet food, and the most colorful trees in Texas, our organic gardening store carries it all! Visit Marshall Grain; TX's premier nursery and garden shop today!

The Ever-Changing Family Farm

Marshall Grain Co. began its life as a farm store serving the needs of farmers, their pets, and their livestock. Since then, we've grown into an urban pet and garden center still serving the needs of backyard gardeners and our pets, which besides dogs and cats, may include a flock of backyard chickens or even a goat or two!

Today's urban dwellers have less space than a traditional farm, but we are no less enthusiastic about growing things. Even if all you have are a few houseplants or a kitchen windowsill garden we can help you grow successfully.

And of course, our "livestock" have become cherished family members. That's why Marshall Grain also offers high-quality wholistic foods, treats, and supplies for dogs, cats, and small animals, as well as backyard chickens. We carry a carefully curated assortment of more than 20 different premium food brands designed to extend the healthy life spans of our pets.

We also serve the needs of wild bird lovers with wild bird foods, bird feeders, baths, and other birding supplies.

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