Nature's Cafe Bird Food Returns!

30% Off Selected Shrubs & Perennials 

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It's finally back! Due to supply problems, we've been unable to get Nature's Cafe for several frustrating months but now it's finally back!

Birds love Nature's Cafe Wild Bird Blend for the variety of seeds in the mix. And it's available at a great price --  just $8.99 for a

20-lb bag!

See Our Great Selection of

Other Bird Foods, Too!

Nature's Cafe Wild Bird Blend Back in Stock


Mega Bark Chew toys for dogs are made from real wood and durable rubber to create a long-lasting chew toy!

For cats, our new MadCat line of plush toys are sure to make your kitty go crazy. They blend high quality Catnip with another highly attractive herb called Silvervine. If you're kitty turns her nose up at Catnip, chances are she'll find Silvervine irresistible!

Chew Toys for Dogs and Silvervine for Cats

Exciting New Toys for

Your Furry Friends


Tropical Hibiscus is guaranteed to give you big, showy blooms from now until autumn! 


1-Gal, Reg: $9.99

3-Gal, Reg: $39.99

Huge Flowers In Intense Summer Colors Stand Out In The Garden

A Poolside Favorite --

30% Off Tropical Hibiscus


4th of July weekend only! Friday thru Sunday, get all 4-inch annual color for just 99 cents each! 

Impatiens, Begonias, Pentas, Vincas, Marigolds, Shade Coleus & Sun Coleus, Purslane, Moss Rose, Lantana, Angelonia, and more!

Limited to stock on hand. No rain checks.

Reg., $1.89

Summer Color Savings!

Friday Thru Sunday Only!

3-Days Only: All 4-Inch Annuals Just 99 Cents Each!

ornamental grass_094141.jpg

Ornamental native grasses soften your landscape with their ached blades swaying in the breeze. Available in varying heights and shades of green, red, and pink, they also attract many types of pollinators.

Assorted 4-In. - 3 Gal.

Hot Savings of 30% Off

Texas Native Grasses

30% Off All Ornamental Grasses


Add a small amount of orange oil to 20% Horticultural Vinegar to boost the effectiveness of it as a weed killer. Orange oil is also a fantastic household cleaner and deoderizer. Plus it leaves behind the fresh scent of oranges.


1-Quart, Reg: $34.99

Sale: $29.99

A Thousand and One Uses for Lawn, Garden and Home

Save a Whopping $5 On

1-Quart Size Orange Oil


Safe for wild birds and pets, Messina Squirrel Stopper uses all natural scents to repel squirrels from your flowerbeds, feeders, and vegetable garden.


15 oz aerosol covers approximately 750 square feet and lasts for up to 30 days.

Reg., $11.99

Sale: $9.99

$2 Off All-Natural Messina Squirrel Stopper 

Feed The Birds Without Feeding The Squirrels!

cedar-warrior4_0329 (1).JPG

Chase away annoying insects from your lawn. Spread aromatic Cedar Warrior granules! Cedar has been used for centuries as a natural insect repellent that works on mosquitoes, fleas, roaches, chiggers and many others. It also repels dangerous snakes! 


Get $2 off per bag!

Reg: $16.99

Sale: $14.99

All Natural Cedar Repels Mosquitoes & Other Insects

$2 Off Natural Cedar Warrior Insect Repelling Granules


Now you can order pet products online anytime and pick them up in store at your convenience! 

More Benefits:

  • Premium Brands you won't find in big box stores*

  • Simple, fast, and convenient

  • Personalized service -- Your order is processed by real people, not robots

  • Auto order feature -- Never run out of pet food

  • Flash sales and special offers not available in store

  • Order history remembers past purchases for you

  • Easy to change or update your order

  • Helps you manage your budget

  • All our pet foods are 100% manufacturer guaranteed. If your pet won't eat it, we'll exchange it.* 

Shop Now!

*We are gradually adding more products to our online store so check back often to find new items.

Order Online, Pick Up In Store & Never Waste Another Trip

Now You Can Shop Online!

Check Out Our New Store!

Just Some of Our New Feeders Include:

  • Chickadee/Finch feeders for tiny birds

  • Twin feeders that hold two types of seeds

  • Double platform feeder that hold more birds

  • Squirrel proof feeders

  • Suet holders 

New Feeder Styles Help You Draw In More Wild Birds

Create An Avian Sanctuary In Your Backyard

Save 30% on our entire selection of Crape Myrtles -- the most popular tree in Texas!

Choose from a large selection of bloom colors and sizes! 

Reg, $27.99 - $249.99

30% Off All Crape Myrtles;

Blooming & Beautiful

Various Sizes and

Colors Available

Groundcovers are an easy option for filling in areas where grass won't grow. Plus they're low maintenance.

4-In, Reg: $1.99

Quart, Reg: $5.99 - $7.99

Gal, Reg: $12.99

30% Off Groundcovers!

Ajuga, Ivy, Jasmine & More!

Perfect for Shady Spots and 

No-Mow Areas

You won't be disappointed by the Esperanza's large trumpet-shaped flowers in bright yellow, orange or apricot colors or by the many visitors you'll get. Designated a "Texas SuperStar" by Texas A&M Horticulture Dept. for its drought tolerance, it blooms from late summer through fall and attracts hummingbirds as well as bees and butterflies.

3-Gal., Reg: $19.99 - $29.99

Texas Native Esperanza Attracts Bees & Butterflies

30% Off Summer Blooming Perennial Pollinator

Whether you want to create an outdoor xeriscape or enjoy easy-care houseplants, you can save 30% on our entire selection of succulents and cacti.



All Cacti and Succulents 30% Off -- All Sizes!

Save Big on All Succulents!

2-Inch Houseplants to 3-Gallons

Assorted Caladiums,

Reg: $1.29


Standard Elephant Ears,

Reg: $10.99

Upright Elephant Ears,

Reg: $14.99


American Lilies,

Reg: $1.19

Spring Bulb Clearance!

75% Off Caladiums & More

Elephant Ears, Caladiums &

American Lilies Must Go! 

Hot weather brings out Chinch Bugs, which suck all the juices out of your lawn. While they're at it, they also inject your grass with a deadly toxin. This doubly whammy quickly kills your lawn, leaving brown, dead spots that usually begin near the edges of your sidewalk or driveway where the ground is hottest.

Chinch bugs prefer St. Augustine lawns to Bermuda, so if you have a mix of both, you might notice the St. Augustine dying while the Bermuda remains healthy. 


Don't ignore the warning signs! Left untreated, chinch bugs can kill your entire lawn in a few weeks.

The fast, organic way to eliminate them is with PermaGuard. Spread it on the affected area, extending at least 2 feet beyond the browned out edges.

2 lbs, $23.99

(covers 200 sq. ft.)

Tiny Chinch Bugs Cause Big Lawn Problems

Hot Weather Means It's Time To Be On The Look-Out!

Captain Jacks Deadbug Brew uses Spinosad -- a naturally occuring soil dwelling bacterium -- that kill bagworms, borers, beetles, caterpillars, coddling moth, gypsy moth, loopers, leaf miners, spider mites, tent caterpillars, thrips and more! It's great for the organic gardener.

But what makes Captain Jack's Spinosad special is that it is a totally unique type of bacterium that was collected on a Caribbean island from an abandoned rum distillery in 1982 and has never been found anywhere else in the world. 

Use Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew on all your flowers and vegetables right up to the day of harvest!


Ready to Spray, Reg: $29.99

Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew Wipes Out Pests

Great for Use In

Your Organic Garden!

Trust Marshall Grain to help you beautify your garden and other outdoor living spaces. Our experienced and professionally trained landscape designers and installation crews are committed to providing you with creative and functional solutions for all types of landscaping challenges, while creating lasting landscape designs that will thrive in our harsh Texas climate. 

We also offer customized organic maintenance plans.

Visit us in the store or online; or give us a call today!

Call Us For Landscape

Design & Installation

We Also Offer Customized Organic Maintenance

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