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Due to manufacturing problems, we have not been able to get Nature's Cafe Wild Bird Food for several weeks. But we finally received a shipment and now it's back in stock! 

20lb bag: $8.99

Our Most Popular Bird Seed Is Now Back In Stock!

Nature's Cafe Wild Bird Food Finally Makes a Comeback


We've chosen two excellent fresh-cut Christmas tree varieties that are carefully cultivated and shaped to form a perfect conical, Christmas tree shape -- Grand Fir and Black Hills Spruce. Both varieties are from Dutchman Tree Farms in Northern Michigan, where they grow some of the best Christmas trees in the world. And they're the freshest Christmas trees you'll find in the DFW area.

The glossy, dark green, thick foliage of the Grand Fir combined with its strong fragrance invite the Christmas feel.

The Black Hills Spruce is known for its darker green color and many layers with short, stiff, blue-green needles. It is darker than a white spruce and more dense.


Arriving Nov. 22!

Even if you're not ready to decorate yet, your tree will stay fresh longer if you take it home and put it in water now. So don't wait! Get in here while we have the best selection!

Putting Your Tree In Water Now Will Help It Stay Fresh Longer

Christmas Trees Arrive Soon!

Get 'Em While They're Fresh!


Rain chains meld beauty and function into decorative linked cups that channel rainwater from the roof to the ground, transforming a plain gutter downspout into a pleasing water feature. Enjoy the rhythmic sounds of softly falling droplets or rushing water as they channel rainfall into your garden or into your rainbarrel.

We have a large selection of beautifully crafted, functional rain chains for you to choose from. And they make great Christmas gifts!

20% Off Any Rain Chain!


Transform Your Downspout Into a Beautiful Water Feature

The Elegant Solution To Unsightly Downspouts


Open Farm meats are sourced from third-party verified family farms that employ humane farming practices and are free of antibiotics

and growth hormones. Open Farm also ensures that all fruits and veggies used in their recipes are non-GMO.

Open Farm's Grain-Free kibbles for dogs and cats are high meat, low carb and easy to switch between. Each recipe includes  functional superfoods like non-GMO pumpkin and coconut oil to promote healthy coat and digestion. 

Ancient Grain formulas for dogs feature grains like steel-cut oats, sorghum, quinoa and chia seeds.

$5 Off Introductory Special

It’s important to know what’s going into your pet’s bowl. And during our introductory special, you can try any Open Farm dog or cat kibble product and get $5 off (with in-store coupon). Just ask us!

Ancient Grains Formulas And Grain-Free Options

Open Farm Pet Foods: 

Ethically-Sourced, No-GMOs 


After carefully researching various brands of CBD oil products, we chose to bring you 2 brands that we believe offer you the best available quality and efficacy for your pets:

  • Super Snouts Hemp Co.

  • Green Coast Pet


Both lines are formulated and approved by veterinarians for pets only, and are totally THC free -- Many brands only guarantee less than 0.3%.  Super Snouts and Green Coast Pet guarantee zero, nada, none!

We also chose brands that offer full-spectrum, water-soluble products, which gives you the best effectiveness and product absorption.

And all  Super Snouts and Green Coast Pet hemp is 100% organic, non-GMO, solvent-free, and sustainably-grown in the U.S.A. on farms that are fully licensed under their respective State Departments of Agriculture.

Let us introduce you to the benefits of CBD Oil for your pets.

Read our latest newsletter for more details.

We've Chosen 2 High-Quality Brands We Think You'll Love!

Not All CBD Oils Are Equal!

We Cut Through The Hype


Pansies and Violas for just 99¢ each! That's all you pay when you buy a flat of 20 plants.


Mix and match colors. Choose from pansies and violas. Plant them in your beds and in your pots and enjoy their bright, happy faces all through the winter.

Full flats of 20 plants just 99¢ per plant.

Reg: $1.89 Each

Pop In Pansies Wherever You Need Cool Season Color

99-Cent Pansies & Violas When You Buy By The Flat


Show your love of the harvest season. Decorate your porch or garden with Fall-themed garden flags.


All Fall-Themed Flags 25% Off!

Reg: $11.99

Add Color To Your Thanksgiving Season Celebrations

Be Thankful -- All Autumn Themed Flags Now 25% Off


Marshall Grain now offers reliable, safe and convenient home delivery of pet foods and pet supplies! Get FREE  delivery on orders of $50 or more ($4.99 on smaller orders). 

  • Easy and convenient

  • Saves time and money driving around to multiple stores

  • Never run out of pet food. We keep you stocked

  • No struggling to remember what you bought last time


Currently Serving:

76051, 75062, 75261, 76039, 76040, 76034.

Give us a call or visit the store for details.


Free Delivery On All Orders Over $50

Get Pet Food Delivered Right to Your Home!

Tastefully prepared with high-quality ingredients, Fromm Classic family recipes feature chicken combined with brown rice and eggs. 

20% Off Any Size Bag!

Save Up To $7.80

Adult formula: Keeps your active adult dog going strong with premium nutrition.

Adult 15lb, Reg: $21.34

Adult 33 lb, Reg: $38.99

Mature formula: For less active adult dogs, adult weight management, or senior dogs.

Mature 15 lb, Reg: $19.77

Mature 30 lb, Reg: $37.69

20% Off All FROMM Classic Dog Food Recipes

Huge Savings During Our Limited-Time Only Special Pricing!

Sunbubble pop-up greenhouses are so simple and easy, they can be set up or taken down in a matter of minutes. 

And because they're made from lightweight PVC and fiberglass rods, they're also easy to move. Sunbubbles even come with their own storage bag.

Sunbubbles are dome shaped, which means that the surface stays at 90 degrees to the direction of the sun all day long, achieving minimum reflection and maximum penetration of light so your plants will grow faster and fuller.

No, it's not on sale! We lowered the price! 


Standard size: (110"D x 79"H) now just $189. 

Large size: 138"D x 87"H; $299

Standard Size Sunbubble Now Only $189

New Lower Price Makes Winter Protection More Affordable


Give your lawn a thorough feeding to replace all of the nutrients lost from the soil during the hot summer months.


With help from Nature's Creations 4-2-2 Turf Food with Mycorrhizal Fungi, your lawn's roots will continue to grow and strengthen during the winter. Next spring your lawn will be healthy and lush from feeding on nutrients in the soil. It's the perfect blend of Nitrogen (4%) Phosphorous (2%) and Potassium (2%), plus Mycorrhizal Fungi, to boost your lawn's roots



40 lb Bag Covers 4,000 sq. ft.

Reg: 24.99

Sale: $21.99

Prepare Your Lawn For Winter Dormancy & Save $3!

4-2-2 Turf Food With Mycorrhizal Fungi Strengthens Roots

Barenbrug's SOS 400 Annual Ryegrass is "super" for over seeding:

  • Excellent turf quality

  • Controlled transition

  • Faster germination and establishment

  • Weed suppression 

  • High traffic tolerance

  • Good disease resistance

50lb bag: $66.99

Barenbrug Ryegrass Makes Over-Seeding A Breeze

A Superior Rye Developed Together With Texas A&M 

Decorate for Thanksgiving with fresh pumpkins and gourds. Or use them in soups or roasted on the side. Then dry the seeds for a nutritious snack! We have the coolest pumpkins and gourds you'll find anywhere!


50% Off All Fall Decor!

Give Thanks For 50% Off Pumpkins, Gourds, Etc.

1/2 Off Jack-O-Lanterns, Pumpkins & Gourds

In honor of "Adopt a Senior Dog Month," Stella & Chewy's wants to give you a FREE bandana when you spend $40 or more on their products -- AND your purchase will help feed adult and senior shelter pets!

Since 2018, Stella & Chewy’s has donated over 553,000 meals to adult and senior shelter pets through it's Journey Home Fund. Every purchase you make helps feed adult and senior shelter pets. And during November, you can grab your pet a free bandana (while supplies last) to show your support.

Get a Free Stella & Chewy's Bandana With $40 Purchase

Your Purchase Supports Stella & Chewy's Journey Home Fund


Minimally processed, all natural frozen raw. Made with real meats like grass-fed beef and non-GMO vegetables and fruits. Signature Raw recipes are made with 95% real meat and 5% vegetables, fruits.

Save $10!

Save $10 On Instinct Signature Raw Frozen Food

Manufacturer's Special:

Buy 2 Bags & Get $5 Off Per Bag!

Trust Marshall Grain to help you beautify your garden and other outdoor living spaces. Our experienced and professionally trained landscape designers and installation crews are committed to providing you with creative and functional solutions for all types of landscaping challenges, while creating lasting landscape designs that will thrive in our harsh Texas climate. 

We also offer customized organic maintenance plans.

Visit us in the store or online; or give us a call today!

Call Us For Landscape

Design & Installation

We Also Offer Customized Organic Maintenance

landscape design 2.jpg
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