Organic gardening is fundamentally different from traditional methods. Organics nurture the soil and help it absorb and retain moisture longer. So over time, it will reduce the need for water and fertilization, which will save you money!


Compared to traditional methods that attempt to force plants to grow, the goal of organic gardening is to create a healthy, well-balanced eco-system. Organics actively take advantage of nature to control pests and diseases. Chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides disrupt nature’s processes by killing off beneficial organisms along with the harmful ones, so you actually lose valuable allies in the war against pests. The first thing to do, then, is stop using chemicals and come to Marshall Grain for the organic alternative!


  • No synthetic fertilizers and harsh pesticides that can harm you, your children, and your pets

  • Going organic helps reduce your family’s exposure to toxins, so you’ll be healthier.

  • Eliminating harmful chemicals from your garden reduces the amount of pollution released, so you’ll actually be helping save the planet!

  • You’ll enjoy your own home-grown vegetables that much more knowing they are chemical free.

  • Your garden will provide needed habitat for essential pollinators and insect-eaters like birds, bees, bats, butterflies, lizards, and geckos.


Check out our fun and informative Gardening Tips to learn more or drop by our store to pick up your organic gardening supplies.

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