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Your outdoor living areas are extensions of your home, and as such, they should complement and enhance the exterior of your home. A beautifully landscaped front yard can boost the “curb appeal” of your property by as much as 20%.

Since it is such an important investment, before you embark on a landscape renovation or installation, it’s helpful to understand some of the basic concepts involved so that you can make the best choices for your situation.



  • Stone Work
    Stone Work can range from laying a simple gravel pathway or building sturdy retaining walls to putting in a flagstone patio, fitting pavers for a walkway, or defining a flowerbed with stone edging. Pathways help visitors navigate through your garden by guiding them around beds and across lawn areas, showing off special specimen plants, or leading them to a secluded seating spot. Pathways can be built with stepping stones, pavers or flagstones, or they can be curvaceous edging filled with rocks or gravel. Edging also sets off flowerbeds from your lawn and defines boundaries. Retaining walls prevent erosion by holding soil in place and helping to channel water. They can also provide an interesting visual element that gives your landscape structure and texture. Patios are the perfect place for lounging or entertaining guests. They can also provide a foundation for a barbecue spot or full outdoor kitchen/dining area.
  • Landscape Lighting
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  • Landscape Lighting (12V)
    Weather-proof 12v landscape lighting can create a more welcoming entrance, enhance your home’s security, and add brilliance to your outdoor living spaces. Landscape lighting helps to create a seamless transition between your home’s interior and it’s exterior. Our crews can install any type of 12V lighting your home may require, including pathway lighting to enhance safety and spot lights to highlight a statue, tree, or other feature. We’re also experts in erosion control and can recommend solutions such as retaining walls, French drains, and rain gardens. Let us build your next landscape project.
  • Drainage & Erosion Control
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