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Texas gardens are demanding. At Marshall Grain we work hard to boost your success by selecting the best quality plants available, with an emphasis on bringing you a wide variety of “Texas tough” choices for your garden. Our extensive Grapevine, TX plant nursery offers a great seasonal selection of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, tropicals, and specialty plants – even miniature plants for fairy gardens!

Flowers Plants & More



Freshly harvested homegrown vegetables just taste better; fruits too! We love growing food in our gardens. That's why we give you all the help you need to grow ’em bigger, better, and do it organically. Or companion plant them as ornamentals and eat your way through your garden. And don’t forget herbs! They’re not only tasty, but they help ward off insects.


Group annual flowers and other annual plants in mass amounts for spectacular seasonal color! Our mild winters mean Texans can enjoy a beautiful colorscape all year round! And when you sign up for our landscape maintenance service, our landscapers can even change them out for you; perfect for keeping your flowerbeds looking their best!


Jazz up your poolside, patio, or porch​ with bright, cheerful tropical plants and flowers. These exotic flowers and plants are so fun and vibrant that they absolutely make summer worth waiting for! You can plant tropical flowers in your flowerbeds as annuals or keep them in containers to bring inside during the winter. Visit our tropical nursery today to see our selection of fun, exotic plants for sale!


Perennials reward you year after year with astonishing seasonal color. We specialize in North Texas native plants and other hardy flowers adapted to our climate, so you can enjoy a carefree, low maintenance gardening experience. Our outdoor nursery's selection of perennials for North Texas gardens, softscapes, landscape mounds, and backyards is second to none! Visit our healthy, blooming nursery today!

Flowering Shrubs in Texas

Trees, shrubs, vines, and other greenery form the foundation of your garden. They’ll be there for many years to come, so choosing just the right plants can be agonizing. Don’t stress out! Come to us for expert advice! There's plenty to learn about flowering shrubs in Texas. Thankfully, our team is here to help! Check out our tree nursery today! From the most beautiful shrubberies to the most colorful trees in Texas, our landscaping nursery carries them all!

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