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Pondless Water Features in Keller, TX

At Marshall Grain, we specialize in landscaping services in Keller, TX, and the surrounding region. A landscape is a significant investment, so it's important to preserve it. Whether you recently bought a new home or want to enhance your current property, our landscapers produce stunning, practical spaces where your landscape can thrive in the North Texas climate. At Marshall Grain, we provide a custom scope of the project to ensure that we meet all of your landscaping needs. If you are looking to add new features but do not want a pond, you can opt for pondless water features instead. A pondless waterfall is a landscaping component that features falling water that flows down on rocks to give your space a peaceful ambiance.

Benefits of pondless water features

If you want to incorporate water features on your property for a relaxing atmosphere but do not want to put in a pond, there are other options you can go with to achieve your goals. Pondless water features can add beauty to your landscape while saving money and time on maintenance. Below are a few of the benefits of including a pondless water feature on your property: 

  • They do not take up a large portion of space on your landscape, giving you more room for other outdoor activities or garden beds

  • You can use chemical cleaners 

  • Reduces the chance of drowning by children or pets

  • Reduces your chances of mosquitoes taking over your landscape, as there is little standing water

  • You do not need a filtration system 

  • Avoid costly maintenance