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Drainage problems can cause flooding, pooling, unnecessary water run-off, turn your yard into a swamp, crumble your driveway, and even undermine your foundation. Soil erosion can also kill your plants, ruin your landscape, leave soil deposits that ruin your curb appeal. These problems are a real hassle that can lead to costly issues in the future if not fixed.

If heavy rains leave water pooling on and around your walkway, patio, landscape, and foundation, or your home is constructed on an uneven or sloping lot, Marshall Grain can evaluate your landscape for trouble spots and make recommendations for correcting them. 

Then our experienced crews can build and install those solutions for you to improve your landscape, protect your home, reduce your water bill, and cope with water restrictions. We can construct French drain, rain gardens, grading, and other drainage and erosion control features that blend naturally into your garden setting.

We can also install a downspout extension to divert water further away from your home or a retaining wall to prevent tree roots from being exposed, guide water away,  and reduce soil erosion while transforming your home’s problem areas into beautiful outdoor features.

Another efficient solution that can put an end to drainage and erosion issues is the out-of-sight dry well or a rain garden. Storm water collects into the dry well and dissipate into the ground, preventing it from pooling on the lawn. When it comes to caring for landscapes in Texas, Marshall Grain has the experience and expertise to keep your landscape healthy, beautiful, and problem-free all year long.

Now is the perfect time to beautify and improve your landscape with visually appealing systems for the next growing season. Don’t wait until a major problem occurs to fix your drainage and erosion issues. You don’t want to spend more money dealing with these costly issues. Ask us how we can help you solve your drainage problems today.



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