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Updated: Feb 14, 2022


When our Fort Worth store closes at the end of this month, Frosty and Callie will be coming to live with me in Grapevine. Hrrrumph! I can’t say I’m thrilled about the idea of them muscling in on my territory. After all, they don’t call me “Empress Marsha” for nothing! But June is Adopt-A-Cat Month, which the American Humane Association has been promoting since 1975.

Of course, every household should have at least one cat. Without felines, humans would probably starve. So if you are thinking of adopting a cat, you’ll find many animal organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area eager to help you choose just the right feline companion for your family.

Adult or Kitten?

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether to adopt a kitten or adult. Kittens are adorable but they also are a bundle of energy and get into everything. They require a lot of supervision to keep them off your drapes, furniture and out of drawers and cabinets. If you don’t have the time to spend with your kitten, it may never lose some of that mischievous behavior, which can be charming but taxing. Also we can get very lonely left alone for long periods of time. If someone isn’t going to be home all day, you’ll want to consider adopting two unless you already have a cat that will accept a new arrival.

I’ve been terribly lonesome ever since Marshall died last year. No one can ever replace my beloved brother, playmate and best friend. But as visitors to our Grapevine store have probably noticed, I am a very social cat and, unlike some cats, I crave companionship. If my humans manage it correctly, Frosty, Callie and I should all find a way to get along. (Not sayin’ I’m going to make it easy!)

Older cats, like Frosty and Callie, are less likely to demonstrate unpredictable kitten behavior. Generally adult cats are mellower, content to doze in a warm spot — or your lap — for hours; though we will seek out playful activity some time during the day. Shelter adoption counselors and rescues organization will be able to help you choose the right cat that suits your lifestyle and personality.

Get Your House Ready

When Frosty and Callie get here, they are going to want to explore and they may try to claim some of my favorite spots as their own, which is going to really tick me off! My humans are also worried and they might hurt themselves exploring their new home.

Even an adult cat can get into trouble. Check electrical cords, which can be very tempting to chew for kittens and even some older cats. You might want to use child-proof locks for low cabinets. Some of us are very good at opening doors!

Put away sharp objects and as for breakables, such as knickknacks, pictures and anything else you display on tables or counters, best to put them away for a while you cats get used to your new home. If you have a home office, make sure paper clips and pens are put away since they can cause serious damage if chewed up and ingested.

Select A Vet

As much as I hate going to the vet, I know I will need her help from time to time — like when I had kidney stones! It’s good to have one lined up in case of an unexpected illness and for the future for yearly checkups and vaccinations. Check online reviews for a local one or ask for recommendations from family and friends.

Food and Supplies

Nothing is more annoying than an empty food dish! The only question is what to put in it. Recent pet nutrition studies support the idea that both dogs and cats need less in the way of carbohydrates and more protein, confirming the benefits of a grain-free diet. PetMD reported on two studies that looked at how feral cats get their food. One showed that a “typical” feral cat will kill and eat approximately nine mice throughout the day, with a number of unsuccessful hunts scattered in as well. (I call that “catch-and-release.”)

Another paper revealed that feral cats got 52% of their calories from protein and 46% from fat, which only leaves 2% available to come from carbohydrates.

That explains why Frosty, Callie and I prefer grain-free foods with high-quality carbohydrates like Fromm Four Star Nutritionals, Acana, Instinct, Pure-Vita, and Taste of the Wild.

(Click here for a complete list of cat foods we carry.)

Even before your cat arrives home, have supplies ready for your cat, including kitty litter boxes, litter, food and water bowls, scratching post, cat brush, and toys.

Cats are great companions. Stop in and pet me sometime and let my staff help you choose from “Marsha’s Approved” Cat Supplies for your new feline family member.



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