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You could choose chemical landscape maintenance. After all, you can grow plants with chemicals. But we think you'll agree that the organic approach is superior.

Organic and chemical programs are two completely different approaches to a lush and attractive yard. Chemical programs just dump nutrients into your soil, then add more chemicals to try to fix the problems caused by the first chemicals. 

A thriving landscape starts with healthy soil. It’s like the foundation of your home upon which everything else rests.  If you have used chemical fertilizers in the past, they have killed off all the beneficial micro-life in the soil, which undermines that foundation.

Salts in chemical fertilizers kill off beneficial bacteria and fungi that produce food naturally in the soil. They also kill off beneficial microbes that keep pathogens (bacterial and fungal) in check. This allows plant diseases such as Take All Root Rot fungus to run rampant and kill off your lawn and other plants. Some chemical products such as "weed & feed" combinations actually attack your plants directly resulting in long term decline in their health. High nitrogen fertilizers encourage too rapid growth of plants, resulting in weak, watery cell growth that is more vulnerable to insect damage. This unbalanced approach leaves your soil deficient in essential trace elements and provides no carbon at all. That’s why it’s particularly important to follow a complete organic program and to discontinue the use of chemical products.

The organic approach to gardening and landscape maintenance offers many advantages. The salts in chemical products steal water from your soil. Reducing those and other chemicals in the soil actually reduces the need for water. And over time, it will need less fertilization. As your landscape becomes healthier, it will develop a stronger immune system to help ward off pests and diseases that would only be exacerbated by chemicals so you will spend less on solutions. Finally, most chemical fertilizers are poisonous. With organic fertilizers you won't jeopardize the health of your family and pets, and you will help reduce pollution in our water supply.

Marshall Grain’s organic maintenance program is designed to build up your soil so that it naturally produces the nutrients your lawn and landscape plants need to flourish. We offer several options ranging from basic fertilization to  to yard clean up.



  • Permanent Features
    Landscaping can be divided into two general categories: hardscapes and softscapes. Hardscapes are permanent, non-living fixtures in the overall landscape, such as walkways, outdoor lighting, retaining walls, borders and edging, and patios. They are the bones that create texture and give your landscape an overall sense of design and purpose “Softscapes,” on the other hand, are the living elements — trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. — that put flesh on the bones of your design. The right hardscape features turn an undefined backyard into an extraordinary outdoor living space that reflects your personal lifestyle and your needs.
  • We Design It To Your Taste
    Creating a successful design that is both beautiful and functional calls for a landscape professional who can interpret your style preferences into a one-of-a-kind outdoor living space you’ll love for years to come. Whether you long for a traditional look, a desert-scape, a native Texas design, or an exotic paradise, Marshall Grain’s expert designers can create the style you want.
  • Planning Ahead
    Because hardscape elements are permanent fixtures, it’s best to give some serious thought to designing your overall landscape before you make any major changes to your outdoor living areas. Having a general plan in mind for achieving your ultimate landscape goals will save you headaches later. For example, knowing that two years from now you will want to build an outdoor kitchen will save you the headache of later discovering that your irrigation system is in the way, or that the concrete patio you put in last year is now in the wrong place.
  • Let Us Be Your Guide
    Equally important is having someone who can guide you through the often-difficult process of developing your ideas into a dazzling finished project. Marshall Grain’s designers know the right questions to ask in order to provide you with the answers you need to make the right choices for your project. Questions like: “How many feet of edging material will I need?” “What color stone will look best against my home’s exterior?” “Where does the water flow to when it rains?” These may seem like simple questions, but many homeowners struggle with exactly such issues, and our team is here to help you solve them.
  • Turning Your Design Into Reality
    Once your project is designed, our highly professional installation crews can build it for you. Whether we’re installing a patio, a walkway, or other defining landscape feature, you can be sure, we’ll do the job right. Marshall Grain’s expert crews have already built a wide range of hardscaping elements for many area homeowners. Our areas of expertise include:
  • Stone Work
    Stone Work can range from laying a simple gravel pathway or building sturdy retaining walls to putting in a flagstone patio, fitting pavers for a walkway, or defining a flowerbed with stone edging. Pathways help visitors navigate through your garden by guiding them around beds and across lawn areas, showing off special specimen plants, or leading them to a secluded seating spot. Pathways can be built with stepping stones, pavers or flagstones, or they can be curvaceous edging filled with rocks or gravel. Edging also sets off flowerbeds from your lawn and defines boundaries. Retaining walls prevent erosion by holding soil in place and helping to channel water. They can also provide an interesting visual element that gives your landscape structure and texture. Patios are the perfect place for lounging or entertaining guests. They can also provide a foundation for a barbecue spot or full outdoor kitchen/dining area.
  • Landscape Lighting (12V)
    Weather-proof 12v landscape lighting can create a more welcoming entrance, enhance your home’s security, and add brilliance to your outdoor living spaces. Landscape lighting helps to create a seamless transition between your home’s interior and it’s exterior. Our crews can install any type of 12V lighting your home may require, including pathway lighting to enhance safety and spot lights to highlight a statue, tree, or other feature. We’re also experts in erosion control and can recommend solutions such as retaining walls, French drains, and rain gardens. Let us build your next landscape project.
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