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Tips for Protecting Your Garden in Cold Weather

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Burr it's getting cold out here.

Protect your sensitive landscape plants from frost and freezes with these cold weather gardening tips:

1. Cold Weather Tip Number One.

Cover your sensitive plants with frost cloth. Covering your plants with frost cloth or burlap can keep them up to eight degrees warmer than the outside air unlike plastic which actually transmits cold and can harm your plants.

Frost cloth retains heat and, because it's lightweight, frost cloth won't damage your plants.

2. Cold Weather Tip Number Two.

Mulching insulates your root your plants roots from freezing temperatures another important way to protect your plants from cold weather is by top dressing them with a one to three inch layer of mulch mulching helps insulate the roots of your plants from Winter freezes so they're better able to withstand low temperatures.

3. Cold Weather Tip Number Three.

Water right before it freezes watering is another great insulator for your plants that's because moist ground stays warmer than dry soil so watering deeply just prior to a cold snap can help your plants make it through the cold.

Other Cold Weather Gardening Tasks

4. Composting

Recycle your fallen leaves and other healthy plant material by adding them to your compost pile. (Never compost diseased plant material.)

5. Planning

Plan your spring garden over the winter. Then, when spring arrives, you won't lose valuable growing season time. Having a plan also helps you maximize your space and your budget so you don't over or under buy the materials you'll need.


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