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Why You Should Rake Your Leaves

Updated: Jul 22

Pile of raked leaves

Raking leaves is back-breaking and time consuming. And the last thing you want to be doing at Christmastime is yard clean up. But there are 3 reasons why you should get it done sooner rather than later.

Better yet, skip the DIY work and hire Marshall Grain to do it for you.

Reason #1. A thick mat of leaves on your lawn can suffocate your grass.

When dead leaves pile up, sunlight, air, water, and even nutrients can’t reach the roots of your lawn, which means your grass can begin to die, leaving you with an even bigger problem next spring.

Reason #2. Leaf debris can also become a sanctuary for unwanted pests like lawn insects and even rodents.

Many insects use leaf cover to hibernate in during the winter. These include pests like chinch bugs, grubs, scale, fleas, and chiggers. Since they will have already made a home in your garden, they’ll be ready to attack your yard as soon as spring arrives.

Reason #3. Dead leaves left lying on grass can become really slippery, making them a hazard. Even just a little bit of water from some rain can make your grass or hardscaping slick. Regular leaf clean-up can potentially save you and your visitors from slips and falls.

Marshall Grain’s Organic Maintenance Service includes leaf removal and general yard clean up. Whether you are already on a maintenance plan with us, or just want a one-time clean up, we can get the job done for you fast. Save yourself the precious free time and arduous labor of removing leaves yourself and hire Marshall Grain instead. Your back will thank you!


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