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Hardscaping - Backyard Landscape Lighting Ideas

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

One of the most amazing ways to bring instant transformation to your outdoor areas is with landscape lighting. When incorporated into a your home's exterior, landscape lighting beautifies the surroundings and give the landscape an all-round shine and glow. In this article we present backyard landscape lighting ideas that can turn an ordinary backyard into a stunning nightscape.

Because landscape lighting is low voltage (12v), it does not require an electrician to install and no permits are needed, which makes it easy and inexpensive to incorporate into your outdoor surroundings. Landscape lighting is used to highlight trees, gardens, and other greenery. They can also be used to accentuate beautiful architectural designs such as sculptures. An example of landscape lighting is path light, which can be used to light a walkway or frame out a specific space. Homes, public verandas, parks, and offices widely leverage landscape lighting's aesthetic and security features to beautify outdoor areas and improve security.

Landscape Lighting Ideas


Spotlight's direct lighting makes them incredible for landscaping. They can be used to directly focus on particular areas or spots such as signage, pool, sculpture, and other landscape features. They are similar to floodlights, but while floodlights wide coverage illuminate a wide area, spotlights are focused-beam, pointing directly at an area or item of interest.

Example of 12v landscape lighting
Example of 12v landscape lighting

Pathway Lights

Pathway lighting increase nighttime safety by illuminating walkways and garden paths. They are usually evenly spaced on either side of your walkway to clearly mark the edges and help evening strollers maintain their footing.

12V Wired Lighting Vs. Solar Power

Calculating the Cost of Backyard Landscape Lighting

There is very little difference in cost between wired lighting and solar. Solar Lights generally cost a bit more up front but since they run on sunlight, they may help you save on your electric bill. However,12V Landscape Lighting requires very little energy to run. In the long run, most home owners won't notice much difference.

Outdoor Lighting Operation

Low Voltage Landscape lighting is wired from your property’s transformer to wherever your fixtures will be installed. The wires are buried underground both to protect them and to hide unsightly wires. One advantage is that your lighting system can be controlled from a single point using dimmers, automatic sensors, timers, and other controls.

Solar Lights must be placed where they are fully exposed to the sun. If the light is insufficient, your lights will be dim or shut off earlier than you desire.

As a result, Low Voltage Landscape Lighting provides a higher degree of consistency than do solar lights.

Which Landscape Lighting Option is Best

Low voltage landscape lighting and solar landscape lighting are both very good options depending on your needs. The two can even be mixed to create a low cost and attractive landscape lighting design.

Whether it's lighting the walkway, beautifying your lawn, or keeping intruders at bay. Working with a professional landscaping professional ensures you get the best out of your lighting while saving on energy costs. Contact us at Marshall Grain today!



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