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Establish New Plants Faster & More Reliably With Our Organic Planting Recipe

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Help your plants get off to a good start with our easy organic recipe for new plants. Whenever you plant a new plant, there’s a risk that it can die from “transplant shock” or simply not enough TLC. Our special formula, created by organic gardening expert Lucy Harrell, helps plants adjust to their new homes by giving them a generous helping of the world’s best organic fertilizer along with ocean-sourced root stimulator, and moisture-retaining expanded shale. Finish off by watering your plant with  liquid seaweed and topping it off with mulch.

First, make sure your soil is well composted. Then just mix the ingredients listed below.


Expanded shale — a porous lightweight chunk capable of absorbing  40% of its weight in water and releasing it slowly at a later time.

• Earthworm castings — nature’s best fertilizer! 

• Soft rock phosphate — a macro nutrient essential for root flower development.

Liquid seaweed — an all natural, organic root stimulator


1. Make sure the area you are planting in is well-composted.

2. Always work from “wet to wet.” Soak plant containers and soil thoroughly to minimize transplant shock.

3. Dig a hole slightly larger in diameter than the plant’s existing container.

4.  Add a layer of expanded shale to the planting hole. (Approximately 2 handfuls per 1-gal. plant.) 

5. Make a 50-50 mixture of earthworm castings & soft rock phosphate and place some in the planting hole (Approximately 2-3 handfuls per 1-gal. plant.)

6. Mix of 1 ounce of liquid seaweed in a gallon of water & pour into planting hole until thoroughly saturated.

7. Remove your plant from its original container & loosen the roots. If necessary, score the sides of the root ball with a trowel or knife.

8. Place your plant in the hole and back fill the hole around the plant. As you do this, drench your plant thoroughly with liquid seaweed mixture & tamp it down by pressing on the shoulder of the plant.

9. Top dress your beds & containers with mulch.


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