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Causes and Signs of Drainage Problems and How to Fix Them

Updated: Jul 22

Drainage and erosion issues are often a headache for property owners. If they are not resolved using the right control features, you'll often have to deal with flooding, water run-off, erosion, structural damage, and other issues.

In this post, we'll look at the causes and signs of drainage problems, and how to fix them.

Fixing Drainage Problems

Causes of Drainage Problems

Here are some of the primary causes of drainage problems:

  • Poor landscaping, including improper grading

  • Soil issues

  • Exposed ground

  • Broken or damaged pipework

Signs of Drainage Problems

Some of the signs of drainage issues you should note are:

Mosquito infestation

An abundance of mosquitoes in your home is a strong hint of drainage problems.

Mosquitoes breed where there's standing water, and this, in turn, indicates that water isn't draining as it should.

Dead plants

When plants and greenery begin to die off, it may be a result of the soil being oversaturated with water. The roots become exposed, highlighting washed-off dirt.

Puddles and pools after rains

This is often the case when some portions of the landscape aren't graded properly, as the excess water will refuse to drain off.

Soil erosion

Erosion results from drainage problems in the landscape, and slopes are generally the most susceptible to erosion. Even gentle, sloping ground can be seriously affected, as it'll surely increase the speed of water run-off.

In inclined areas where the water flows fast, the effect is often worse (especially with heavy rains), and the long-term damage to your landscape is profound.

How to Fix Them

Retaining walls, French drains, and rain gardens are some of the drainage and erosion control features that can end your home's drainage issues.

Our experts can inspect your landscape to identify the causes of drainage issues and construct effective solutions while beautifying your landscape. Call us or shoot us a mail to consult our landscape experts today.


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