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Best Shade Plants for North Texas

North Texas Sunlight Matters

Placing plants in the wrong location in your garden can end up costing you a lot of money in lost greenery. This is especially true when it comes to the amount of sunlight they receive. All plants need sunlight to thrive. And although some can get by on far less light than others, finding plants that perform well in low light conditions can be challenging. Putting a sun-loving plant in the shade can result in a weak plant that struggles to grow, fails to bloom, and may eventually die a premature death. Conversely, planting a shade plant in full sun can cause it to, literally, burn to death. For gardeners in North Texas, your task is complicated by our extreme weather conditions that play a part in determining how much sun or shade a plant can tolerate.

Knowing a plant's light requirements ahead of time goes a long way toward ensuring that your plants will grow as intended, and will save you a lot of stress and worry.

Marshall Grain was proud to be invited to speak in April 2024 to the Tarrant County Master Gardeners Association on the topic of shade gardening for North Texas. In this presentation, our presenter breaks down shade gardening into the basic factors you need to consider. We begin by discussing how to determine the amount of sun versus shade your garden receives and then suggest a few plants that might work well in area. Below we share a link to the recorded presentation along with the original slides.

Watch the Video

View the Slides

Enjoy These Lists of Shade Plants

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