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Premium seed brands have less debris, fewer empty shells, and a minimum of less desirable seeds, so you get better value for your money. Marshall Grain proudly features high-quality seeds and seed mixes like Wild Delight. You’ll also find high-energy suet cakes and delicacies like meal worms for insect lovers, along with healthy supplements like calcium grit and specialty products.

Suet Cakes 

Suet cakes are an especially high-protein, energy-rich food source. These no-melt cakes are one of the easiest ways to feed your flock all year round – even in summer. And they come in a wide variety of great flavors like Peanut and Orange Burst to keep them coming back.


Other Foods and Treats

  • Black Oil Sunflower Seed

  • Millet

  • Nyjer Seed

  • Freeze-dried meal worms

  • Live meal worms (in season)

  • Hummingbird Food Nectar

  • Oyster shell calcium

  • Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce – deters squirrels from raiding your feeders without harming birds

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