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On August 17, 2020, our precious Marsha crossed over the rainbow bridge to be with the angels. She was laid to rest in our bluebonnet patch outside our former Grapevine store next to her brother Marshall, who passed away in 2015. For all of us who knew her, including our employees, customers, and  vendors, losing Marsha was a deep and painful loss. We will miss her every single day. So will Frosty, Callie and Bandit. We know that many of you miss her, too.

It's hard to believe that it was in 2005 that we adopted two little kittens to help us run Marshall Grain Co. Over the years, both Marsha and Marshall enlivened and enriched our lives and the lives of our guests in many ways.

Marsha was the gregarious one of the siblings, always wanting to be around customers and guests and letting the children pet her and play with her. She also enjoyed exploring the nursery and greenhouse.

One of her favorite destinations was the U-Haul building next door to our Grapevine location. More than once, they called us to let us know she was over there for a visit. No amount of scolding ever discouraged her from doing it again.

Kids and adults alike hunted for her each time they came in and would be disappointed if they couldn't find her. Shortly after we opened in Grapevine, a young customer brought us a picture he'd colored of a smiling kitty in sunglasses surrounded by stars. Around her neck, he added a collar tag with the name "Marsha" written on it. Another customer told us that her son presented a talk about Marsha for "Show and Tell" time at school one day.

As she aged, Marsha gradually lost her sight, suffered from kidney stones, and had an attack of pancreatitis, but she bounced back from every setback and never let anything get her down. Even after she had gone completely blind, she continued to roam around inside and outside the store, always finding her way back without our help.

Upon her death we received more than 200 condolences via email, social media, cards, phone calls and personal store visits. We all knew that Marsha was loved by many of our visitors, but It was truly amazing to realize how deeply she touched those who knew her.

All of us at Marshall Grain Co. are grateful to have had Marsha in our lives -- however briefly -- and for the special little community she helped us build with people like you.

To those of you who sent us your sympathies, Thank You!

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