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Holiday Gift Guide for 2021

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Garden Rocks

Mark Those Special Garden Spots

Garden rocks help you keep track of what you've planted in your garden, mark a special place, or just add a splash of whimsy wherever you need it.

$3.49 - $11.99


Grow Kits

Stocking Stuffers for Kids & Adults

Grow Kits make growing herbs and flowers super easy! Each kit includes its own reusable pot with soil and seeds. Just add water and you have an instant garden. It's great for teaching kids about gardening, or just a fun way to grow herbs and flowers.

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Wind Chime Stand

Support for Larger Chimes

Hanging a larger wind chime can sometimes be a challenge. But not if you have one of our sturdy tripod stands. Made from wrought iron, it provides strong support without interfering with the movement of the wind chime. And it looks beautiful anywhere in your garden. 



Garden Art

Indoor & Outdoor Art

Clever quotes to hang or stand, metal crafted nature-themed art, hand-cared stone animals and many other one-of-a-kind gifts for gardeners.


Colorful Pots

Durable Plastic in Bright Hues

Not your everyday boring plastic pots, these durable glazed plastic containers come in vibrant colors that look like glazed ceramic, real wood and terra cotta. Check out our whiskey barrels, banded tulip pots and bright colors.

From $9.99

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Dog Toys!

Play for Fun & Health

Playtime is not only lots of fun but it's also healthy for both you and your pooch.  Enjoy a game of fetch with one of our many tossable toys or play tug-o-war with a tug toy. Of course, next to a car ride, there's nothing better than a great chew toy to occupy your K9 when you're not around. Plus, dental chews are a great way to help keep their teeth clean.

See our great selection of entertaining toys for your pup.

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Pet Care

Feeding & Grooming

Our pet department includes all your pet care essentials:

  • Food Dishes

  • Collars & Leashes

  • Grooming Tools

  • Shampoos 

  • Flea Treatments

  • Health Supplements

  • Bedding

  • Cleaning Supplies

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Stepping Stones

Weather-Proof, Decorative
Stepping Stones

Weather-proof resin stepping stones are a great way to greet visitors or remember a lost pet.  And they won't chip, fade or wear out.

$19.99 - $27.99


Garden Signs

Make a Statement with Signs

Show your sense of style while adding color and interest to your garden. Garden signs are great conversation starters!

Metal signs with stakes available in 2 sizes:

Small: $9.99

Large: $20.99


Plant Stands

Beautiful Space Saver Protects Floors

Plant stands beautify your indoor plants while lifting them up to protect your floor and better utilize space. Great for  outdoor use as well. Several styles available in single or multi-tiered designs of wrought iron, hammered copper, retro steel mesh and more.


African Violets

Tabletop Tropical

A classic houseplant every home should have! Their delicate violet-like flowers bloom almost continuously on succulent foliage in. They thrive in moderate, indirect light and come in lots of different colors. And they're pet safe!

4-Inch: $12.99

6-Inch: $24.99


Molten Glass

Unique Glass Vessels from Cohasset

Enhance your bookcase or shelf with the everlasting beauty of nature by displaying a Cohasset molten glass vase and natural wood sculpture on it. Crafted from reclaimed wood and recycled, molten glass, each piece adds fantastic shape and texture to your coffee table or shelf for all visitors to enjoy season after season. Natural peaks and valleys on the reclaimed wood foundation gives each piece textural depth. The glass is masterfully hand blown and cooled directly on the wood, for a custom fit between the two pieces. This not only attests to the artists' skill; it also ensures each item is truly one-of-a-kind. Use them as a vase, a or terrarium, or even as a fish tank. Or simply enjoy them as a stand alone sculpture. No matter how you display it, you will have an heirloom quality piece of art in your home.

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Weather Tracker

Is it really that cold outside? Whether you want to know when to cover your plants, or you just like to keep record the temperature, a thermometer is an essential garden accessory. Several styles and designs are available to help you track the highs and lows of life in your garden.

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Supplements for Cats

Keep your kitty healthy with Herbsmith dietary supplements for cats. 

Improve gut health with Microflora Plus. Bladder Care helps maintain your cat's urinary pH to reduce the likelyhood of crystal formation in the bladder. Sound Kitty is a glucosamine-based formula that aids in joint support.



Made in Texas

Whether you're seeking a staff for a wilderness trek, a stick or cane for support, or a one-of-a-kind heirloom quality gift, Brazos walking sticks are  the best. Handcrafted in Texas, from the highest quality trees in the US. You can rest assured, that a Brazos will last you for many years to come.


Chimes &

Listen to the Wind Blow

Relax to the calming sound of a windchime gently playing on the breeze. 

Our selection of soulful chimes includes beautifully designed, hand-tuned Woodstock. Sonnet, and Music of the Spheres creations. They'll have you singing about their melodic messages!

3D-xmas ornaments_113140-x.jpg


Starlight, Star Bright! Hang Some Stars for Christmas Night

3D wooden Christmas tree ornaments in colorful star shapes make your Christmas tree brighter!


xmas plant stakes_120446-x.jpg

Terra Cotta

Turn Any Potted Plant Into a Gift!

Plants make great gifts, especially when you add a metal plant stake with a personalize message. Metal plant stakes are designed to last and stay with their growing buddy to remind your friend or family member that you're always thinking of them.




Plants, Pots, Accessories, Soils, Etc.

Find rare and unique houseplants, along with all the supplies you need to keep them happy, including pots, potting soils, plant foods, wall hangers, macrame, decorative pots, and other houseplant necessities.

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Wishing Threads

Eternity Crystals Bring Good Fortune

Eternity Crystals were believed to have supernatural powers by the ancient Romans. They made these crystals into "wishing threads" that, according to legend, carried the owner's wishes through the night sky to the gods, bringing the person health, happiness and prosperity. Many believe modern wishing threads still carry their beneficial powers. Our wishing threads combine many-faceted crystals with molded natural figures such as hummingbirds, butterflies, cardinals, and dragonflies, as well as pawprints, the Celtic cross, and hearts. 


pet beds_154756-x.jpg

Pet Beds

Give Your Pet a Soft, Warm Bed

Your pets will love snuggling up to our soft, new pet beds! Each bed is foam filled and is wrapped in an easy-care removable, washable polyester cover.

Large pillow style beds are big enough for a big dog to comfortably curl up.  Just $19.99. 

For pets with hip or joint problems, check out at our spacious rectangular orthopedic beds. Their flatter, firmer design (38 x 28) has a no-skid back to keep the bed -- and your pet -- from slipping or sliding. Take one home for just $39.99!

stone animals_150944.png

Stone Age Creations

Hand-Carved Animals

Find your spirit a