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A long-lived perennial vegetable, asparagus crowns will produce tender spears in springtime for years and years. Harvest asparagus plants in April or May.




Mary Washington-

Mary Washington Asparagus is a popular, heirloom veggie that brings flavor to the table!

Rich in essential vitamins and minerals. These scrumptious spears are harvested from mature plants after a few years after planting.

Mary Washington Asparagus produces uniform spears and a heavy yield. This perennial vegetable is disease-resistant to rust, it is extremely cold-hardy and heat-tolerant, making it a low-maintenance addition to your garden!



This variety gives the advantage of earlier production and heavier total yields than some of the older commercial varieties. Three to five dark green spears are produced from each mature crown.

Large uniform spears that are non-stringy and have an unbeatable flavor that is tender and delicate. Your first cutting pays for your plants.

UC157 prefers milder winters it can be grown successfully anywhere in the USA using mulch during cold winters.

Early spears have uniform light green, tight and tapering heads.

Excellent resistance to rust and root rot.


Jersey Giant-

Jersey Giant Asparagus is a male hybrid garden plant. Its energy goes into producing spears rather than seeds as with female plants.

A very productive plant: yields 2-4 times more spears than older varieties. It is also disease resistant, which is a bonus.

Jersey Giant grows well throughout the United States and resists fusarium wilt, crown rot and rust. Plant asparagus just once for several years of harvest.

Asparagus Crowns (Pack of 10)

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