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variety bird feeders

The more variety you offer, the more birds you will attract. By offering multiple feeder styles, you’ll create an avian smorgasbord they will love to visit. Marshall Grain features well-known squirrel-proof feeders from Droll Yankees and Squirrel Buster, as well as other top brands. Hummingbirds love our nectar feeders, and finches will flock to our finch socks and tube-style finch feeders.

Tube Feeders – Wild birds rate tube feeders as the most popular feeder type. If you can only have one feeder, this should be your choice.

Hopper Feeders – Hopper feeders have a “roof” to help keep the seed mix dry while allowing birds to perch comfortably on the edge of the feeder.

Platform Feeders – Designed for birds that like to scratch at the ground, platform feeders keep seeds out of the dirt

Suet Cages – Wire suet cages are designed to hold a single suet cake. Birds can cling to the wire bars of the cage and peck at the suet inside for a healthy, energizing meal. (Commercially produced suet doughs can be placed outside all year long and will not melt during hot weather.)

Hummingbird Feeders – Nectar feeders are guaranteed to attract hummingbirds. 

Specialty Feeders – Finch socks, fly-through feeders, window feeders

Squirrel Feeders – If you can’t beat ’em, feed ’em! Fighting off squirrels can be frustrating and difficult. So why not just give them their own feeder?