Your Weeds Survived The Cold;

You Still Need To Apply Pre-Emergent 

Always a Great Selection of Premium Pet Foods

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You Need Pre-Emergent Now More Than Ever

And You Can Still Save $3 Per Bag On Meal or Granules

Think the freeze killed off your lawn weeds? Think again. Dandelions and other lawn weeds were totally unfazed by our Arctic blast and they've already restarted their germination process. 

Apply Corn Gluten Meal now to get your lawn back under control.

You can still save $3 per bag on your choice of either Corn Gluten Meal or Corn Gluten Spreadable Granules.

Corn Gluten Meal,

Reg: $37.99

Sale: $34.99

Corn Gluten Spreadable,

Reg: $39.99

Sale $36.99


New Houseplant Pottery Complements Any Decor

Modern Urban Ceramic Designs  Made for Indoor Gardens

Designed especially for your indoor plants, our all new selection of high-quality, German-made ceramic pottery features neutral shades and contemporary designs that work with any home decor style. 

Several styles available in various sizes and colors. Take home an assortment for all your plants!


Vigoroot Breathable Pots Produce Stronger Roots

Air-Pruning Fabric Allows Plant Roots To Absorb More Nutrients

Vigoroot planters are made from an advanced air-pruning fabric that creates a super-strong root system for healthier, more productive plants; the porous material allows water, nutrients and oxygen to easily flow through the pot, without disturbing the plant.

The unique Vigoroot fabric dramatically changes root formation and their ability to sustain the plant in a limited amount of compost. It encourages more vigorous rooting, which in turn, enables the plant to absorb more nutrients. The Vigoroot fabric prevents the roots from growing too long and keeps them from becoming pot-bound. The super strong root system means your plants will be more resistant to harsh weather, pests, and diseases. Vigoroot fabric works wonders for all sorts of vegetables, flowers and herbs as well as fruit bushes and fruit trees.


Vigoroot pots and planters are economical, lightweight, can be used indoors or out for several seasons. They're also ideal for hydroponic gardening! 




$2 Off Espoma Microbe-Enhanced Plant Starter

Great For Veggies, Flowers and All Your Other New Plantings

Bio-tone Starter Plus is the ultimate starter fertilizer. It blends both Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria with feather meal, poultry manure, bone meal, alfalfa meal and greensand with other ingredients to help your plants produce a larger root mass.

  • Faster establishment

  • Reduces transplant loss

  • Promotes bigger blooms

  • Microbe enhanced all natural organic fertilizer with no sludges or fillers

Get $2 off 4lb bags!

Reg: $12.99

Sale: $10.99

compost- mayer-rejuvenate_1.jpg

Save $2 On Mayer Rejuvenate Compost

Our Best Choice for Loosening Heavy Clay Soils

Mayer Rejuvenate is chunkier than most composts, making it an exceptional choice for breaking up heavy clay and other compacted soils. It also contains high levels of beneficial microbes needed to give you a diverse range of nutrients and trace minerals.

Work Rejuvenate into your flowerbeds and vegetable garden to increase your soil fertility.

2 cu. ft. bag,

Reg: $7.99

Sale: $5.99


Now You Can Shop Online!

Check Out Our New Store!

Order Online, Pick Up In Store & Never Waste Another Trip

Now you can order pet products online anytime and pick them up in store at your convenience! 

More Benefits:

  • Premium Brands you won't find in big box stores*

  • Simple, fast, and convenient

  • Personalized service -- Your order is processed by real people, not robots

  • Auto order feature -- Never run out of pet food

  • Flash sales and special offers not available in store

  • Order history remembers past purchases for you

  • Easy to change or update your order

  • Helps you manage your budget

  • All our pet foods are 100% manufacturer guaranteed. If your pet won't eat it, we'll exchange it.* 

Shop Now!

*We are gradually adding more products to our online store so check back often to find new items.

Ready-to-Plant 4-Tier Balcony Garden

Air-Pruning Fabric Promotes More Vigorous Root Growth

The Vigoroot Balcony Garden is a convenient growing system for small gardens, roof terraces, patios and balconies, allowing the maximum number of plants in a small space. Each tier comes lined with the Haxnicks Vigoroot breathable air-pruning fabric, which promotes a strong, healthy root system. Elegant curved shape and narrow, well spaced troughs make it easy to water and for light to reach all of the plants. Can be used as a screen between areas of the garden or patio and is suitable for many varieties of plants, such as herbs, lettuces, strawberries, and tomatoes. 

Dimensions: Length: 2ft, 7.5 in. x Width: 9-1/2 in. x Height: 5ft. 3 in.


Coconut Coir Bricks Are Back for Spring!

Peat-Free Soil Alternative

Offers Better Water Absorption

Natural coir taken from the husks of coconuts is a great sustainable alternative to peat that also offers a more neutral pH. Haxnicks GrowLite coir bricks are  composed of a precise mix of coir pith, fibers and chips that ensures optimum drainage, balanced moisture retention and excellent oxygenation for a healthy root system. Lightweight and easy to transport, GrowLite is perfect for use in pots, planters, hanging baskets and hydroponics. 

Two Sizes Available:


Small: 1.5lbs (650g) expands to 2 gallons (8 liters)

$3.99 each

Large: 11lbs (5Kg), expands to 15.5 gallons (60 liters)

$6.99 each

Save Your Knees With Strap-On Knee Pads

Adjustable Straps for Easy On-Off Wearing & Greater Comfort 

Our light weight, neoprene knee pads strap for quick and easy wearing, plus they're lighter and less bulky than many other knee pads. Adjustable Velcro straps give you a perfect fit every time. 


  • Memory foam with a shock-absorbing foam core

  • Use in the garden, or around the house to make those chores a bit easier on the knees

  • Waterproof, neoprene cover is easy to wipe clean

  • Makes a great gift!

Available in neon green or yellow

One-size fits all:  $16.99 

$3 Off Gallons of

20% Horticultural Vinegar

Take Advantage of Sunny Weather to Spot Treat Weeds

Your lawn is dormant, which makes it the perfect time to spot treat weeds because you can spray the weeds without harming your turf. Use fast-acting 20% Horticultural Vinegar to eliminate dandelions, henbit and other pesky intruders. Just pick a sunny day and watch your weeds wither in just a few hours!

1-Gallon Size,

Reg: $16.99

Sale: $13.99

Save Up to $5 On Native Carolina Jessamine Vine

Sunny Yellow Flowers Bloom Profusely In Early Spring

Prized for its spectacular display of fragrant, bright yellow flowers, this well-mannered evergreen vine climbs beautifully on a trellis, arbor or over fences and walls without smothering surrounding trees and shrubs. Allow to sprawl unsupported across slopes and banks as an informal, mounding ground cover. 

$3 off 1-Gallon Size,

Reg: $18.88

Sale: $15.99

$5 Off 3-Gallon Size,

Reg: $44.99

Sale: $39.99

In-Store and Curbside Pickup Available

Safe and Convenient

Shopping Options for You

Be safe and save time. Use our curbside pickup service. Order by phone or shop selected pet items through our online pet store. Then just call us when you arrive and we'll bring your purchase out to your vehicle.


Call Us For Landscape

Design & Installation

We Also Offer Customized Organic Maintenance

Trust Marshall Grain to help you beautify your garden and other outdoor living spaces. Our experienced and professionally trained landscape designers and installation crews are committed to providing you with creative and functional solutions for all types of landscaping challenges, while creating lasting landscape designs that will thrive in our harsh Texas climate. 

We also offer customized organic maintenance plans.

Visit us in the store or online; or give us a call today!

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