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Keller Landscapers

Keller, TX


Our experienced and professionally trained landscape designers are committed to providing you with creative and functional solutions for your landscaping challenges, while creating lasting landscape designs that will thrive in our harsh Texas climate. Whether you want to accentuate a new home, renovate your old landscape, or plan for further enhancements, we can help. Let Marshall Grain transform your garden and other outdoor living spaces into a backyard oasis that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Keller Landscapers

Keller Landscaping, Hardscaping, & Xeriscaping Services

Are you looking for Keller landscapers who specialize in hardscaping and xeriscaping? Look no further than Marshall Grain! Our team has years of experience incorporating native Texas plants and drought tolerant options into unique, functional outdoor spaces. From patios to water features, we can bring your landscaping vision to life.

Landscaping in Texas can be a challenge because of the extreme temperatures and frequent droughts. Many native texas plants and drought-tolerant plants are hardy enough to withstand the conditions. Luckily, Marshall Grain is an industry leader in xeriscaping and hardscaping solutions. From french drains and rain gardens to native rock gardens, Keller Landscapers at Marshall Grain can create a beautiful and sustainable outdoor space for your home or business.

Native plants are a key component of successful xeriscaping and hardscaping. At Marshall Grain, we specialize in the use of native Texas plants in our landscaping designs. There are many benefits to using native Texas plants in your landscaping. First, they are well-adapted to the harsh Texas climate, so they require less water and maintenance than other types of plants. Second, they provide important habitat for local wildlife. And finally, they add a touch of Texas authenticity to any landscape design.

If you're looking for Keller landscapers who specialize in xeriscaping and hardscaping, look no further than Marshall Grain! We can help you create a beautiful and sustainable outdoor space that incorporates native Texas plants into your design.

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