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Organic Garden Center Near Me

You’re in Texas, typed organic garden center near me into your web browser and found this page? You can’t be anywhere better! If you’re interested in everything organic gardening, from supplies to a thriving green lawn, Marshall Grains is dedicated to empowering you to adopt nature–friendly approaches to gardening! 

Explore Great Gardening in Texas 

Discover the most complete family gardening center right here in Texas. Aside from finding the largest collection of shrubs, veggies, herbs, trees, and flowers that sits right in your garden, we also carry a selection of nature-friendly insecticides, fungicides, miticides, and other organic control agents that’ll make your garden blossom! 

For organic nutrients that feed your plants and enhance their development, we’ve got you covered too! Our array of macro-nutrients and organic matter promotes root development, encourages nutrient uptake and moisture retention, and fortifies the plant immune system! We are the one-stop shop for all your gardening plants, tools, and your other needs! Don’t take our word for it, come find out for yourself! 

Texas Greens 

At Marshall Grains, Texas is home! We’ve been here for a long time and have an intensive knowledge of the plants, the vegetation, the soil, and the Texas climate. We know the plants that’ll do well in your Garden because we grow them in ours as well! We know what plants to plant and the season they’ll thrive. 

Never flush your money down the drain filling your garden with plants unequipped for the Texas climate. From edibles to ornamentals to perennials, our well-adapted plants will make your garden healthy, green and lush! 

Visit the Organic Garden Center

Visit our garden center and let’s make gardening a fun experience for you! Our experts are on hand to answer all your questions, give you practical planting tips based on your environment, teach you how to prevent and manage insects and diseases, and determine the supplies just right for your needs. 

And when next you’re looking for the organic garden center near me, no need to type it into your browser. Simply walk into our garden at 3525 William D. Tate Ave. Grapevine or call us at 817-416-6600.


Tips for Planting in a Texas Climate

Growing plants in Texas is not as difficult as it seems as long as the necessary steps are taken to ensure healthy planting. Here are some things to note if you’re planting in a Texas climate.

#1. Have a watering schedule

Much sunshine is needed to grow crops in Texas, especially in humid areas like Houston. And we all know that sunlight and water for plants go hand in hand, which is why you must have a watering schedule of about two to three times a week to keep your plants hydrated.

However, you do not need to water your plants when it rains, as rainwater contains nutrients necessary for plant growth and is considered a better option for growing plants.

#2. Better to start with small plants

You can start your plants from seeds but note that this requires more time and attention than starting with sprouts or small plants.

If you’re planting seeds, you must water them immediately after planting and develop an effective watering schedule to keep them hydrated. Be cautious not to water them too much to avoid breaking the stems. It is advisable to plant seeds in smaller pots and transfer them to the main garden when they have sprouted and are a bit stronger.

#3. Know the best seasons for plants

Different plants should be planted in different seasons. However, many plants continue to grow and produce even out of season, so you can feel free to let them grow. Here are some plants and the best time to plant them:

Some spring plants include Lima beans, tomatoes, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and onions. Spring plants can be planted around mid-March or about 1 or 2 months later than the recommended environmental temperature.

Some summer plants include peppers, eggplants, beans, cucumbers, squash, gourds, watermelon, okra, snap peas, cantaloupe, and sweet potatoes. You can plant them in April.

Autumn plants include mustard greens, leafy Asian greens, carrots, turnips, radish, lettuce, arugula, spinach, kale, and chard. You can plant them between October and December.

Herbs such as rosemary, lemon balm, basil, and lavender can be grown all year round.

#4. Weed regularly

Weeds are unwanted plants that grow amongst other plants and can compete for nutrients necessary for growth. Weeds will deprive your plants of the necessary nutrients for their growth. Therefore, you must spot and uproot them regularly, making sure to uproot them from the root to stop them from growing again.

Some more tips for planting in Texas

  • Some summer crops like watermelon like to be covered in water about twice a week which is different from the regular watering schedule. 

  • Covering your peppers with plastic bags can make them spicier. 

  • You can keep ants and insects away by sprinkling a handful of coffee grounds on your soil beds. 

  • You can prevent pests like snails and slugs by crushing eggshells around your plants as this is abrasive to the pests and will keep them away.

If you’re ready to start your Texas garden, contact Marshall Grains for all your plant needs for a healthy organic garden!


Hardscaping - Material Options for Walkways

Hardscaping isn’t the same as landscaping. The former is inclusive in the latter, with the hardscape referring to manmade features of an architectural layout.

Walkways are a primary feature of hardscaping. Although they are functional, they can be styled to give an aesthetic effect, which means they are an important part of the overall landscape. To a large extent, your walkway style depends on the type of material that you use.

In this piece, I’ll be showing you some of the best material options for your walkway. Read on!

Clay Bricks

Clay bricks are the most popular medium in walkway hardscaping, having been used for centuries. The material offers great flexibility and durability as bricks don’t crack as easily. Single bricks with faults can be eased out of the setting and easily repaired without affecting the entire layout.

Installing a brick walkway is easy, so much so that you can do it independently without needing a professional’s assistance. All you have to do is lay bricks over gravel and sand in the absence of cement. For a rustic effect, you can use recycled or tumbled bricks. In addition, you can arrange them in patterns like a basket weave.

Concrete Pavers

The most popular walkway material for pathways and front entries is pavers. They come in different shapes, colors, textures, and sizes, offering excellent durability too. In addition, they are easy to use and are aesthetically pleasing.

Concrete pavers are highly flexible such that they blend well with curvilinear or angular-shaped paths. Even better, there is no chance of having the walkway develop cracks over time.


Flagstone is highly durable and beautiful. It lends a deluxe effect to your pathway. As a result, it is a costly material to use for constructing your walkway.

Each flagstone is shaped uniquely, with its installation taking more time than other materials like clay bricks. You can achieve a rustic effect/look with flagstones when the stones remain uncut. If you want smooth borders and tight joints, then you can have the stones cut and shaped differently.

The installation has to be precisely done to avoid scenarios where your foot will be caught in gaps between the stones.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is one of the most unique and highly favored materials used in outdoor hardscaping. Nevertheless, it is more expensive than all the other materials used, which may be a  hindrance for some.

Whether your landscape is rustic, casual, or formal, its beauty stands out. Available as polished or rough finishes, they can be of granite, marble, travertine, limestone, or slate.

Other than its aesthetic quality, natural stone is a  durable medium for outdoor walkways. Regarding maintenance, you have to seal it twice a year to protect it against bad weather conditions, stains, and spills.


Gravel is a cheap alternative to natural stone and is also easy to install. One issue that you might have with gravel is its tendency to spread outside of the walkway. This can be particularly inconvenient if you have a garden space on either side of the walkway.

You can easily manage this demerit by installing bricks, large rocks, or plastic edging to the sides of the walkway.

Marshall Grain Co. provides a wide range of hardscape installation services for you to choose from. Whichever style or material you want for your walkway, we’ll build you something exceptional. Request a quote today.

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Arlington TX Nursery

If you’re looking to fill your yard with something green, colorful, and beautiful, it’s important to shop with a local Arlington TX nursery.

Why? You may ask. Local nurseries know what to plant, when to plant them, and most importantly, if they’re suitable for your garden.

It’s not enough that nurseries are local. Whether you’re just starting your vegetable garden or an experienced gardener, relying on a reliable and trusted nursery is crucial to the success of your garden.

Choosing the right Arlington TX nursery

  • Staff

The staff at the nursery should have an excellent general knowledge of gardening and a particular understanding of gardening in Arlington, Texas. They should be able to give you reliable information on making your garden thrive by helping you pick the right plants and offering you valuable advice. Also, staff should be courteous, friendly, and ready to help. 

  • Nursery

The plants in the nursery should be of high quality and durable. Even if you’re ordering your plants online, it’s essential to pay a first-time visit to the nursery to see for yourself that the plants are healthy and are not affected by diseases, pests, or stress. If they are a reputable Arlington nursery, they’ll only carry healthy plants that’ll grow well in your garden.

  • Maintenance

Any Arlington TX nursery you’re picking should be ready to work with you to ensure your garden thrives by offering maintenance tips and services. Most reliable nurseries have a mailing list to which they send helpful tips and hints. 

  • Accessories

The best nurseries usually have garden accessories and products, including fertilizers. Even better, some offer full landscaping services and will be able to help you from start to finish.

#1 Nursery in Arlington, Texas

Marshall Grain carries a large assortment of flowers, shrubs, and other plants. Our collection of plants is high-quality and available all season to beautify your Texas gardens and homes.

As a wholesale grower, we offer colorful annuals, perennials, grasses, tropicals, shrubs, and trees at the lowest possible prices. As a local Arlington TX nursery, we’ve done our research and only carry plants adapted to the Texas climate.

Experience nature at its best

Drop by and make your garden the envy of guests and neighbors with beautiful plants from your local Arlington TX nursery - Marshall Grain! As a full-service wholesale and retail nursery, we provide services for gardeners, contractors, landscapers, and individuals.

We have everything you need to fill your Texas landscape with stunning plants! Call, mail, or visit us at 3525 William D. Tate Ave. Grapevine, TX 76051 to shop with us today!


Garden Soil Near Me

Gardening is an enjoyable hobby with numerous benefits. It helps fight stress, reduces loneliness, works the muscles in the body, and many more. However, gardening requires the right tools, soil, and plants and an understanding of making them work together.

While it may not seem important, healthy garden soil is the foundation of a successful garden. This post looks at garden soil, its uses, and the benefits of getting garden soil near me in your locality.

What is garden soil?

Garden soil is enriched with all the nutrients essential to healthy, robust, thriving plants. They are premixed products that usually contain a mixture of organic matter and compost. Garden soil is usually mixed with local soil for improved plant health.

When should I use garden soil?

It’s beneficial to use garden soil when you want healthy-growing outdoor plants. However, if you intend to use them for container plants, make sure your gardener has added peat moss and perlite to increase porosity.

This is because garden soil is often dense and has a high water retention capacity, which reduces the exchange of gasses and can kill the plant.

Garden soil is best used when mixed with existing soil in garden beds. It should also be used for native plants as their PH are only suitable for indigenous plants. Thus, looking for garden soil near me can put you in contact with a reliable nursery that offers garden soil. 

Why use garden soil?

Provide Nutrients

When growing thriving plants in your flowerbed and garden, topsoil isn’t the best choice. Hence, many gardening companies harvest topsoil and clean it free of clay, stones, silt, and other particles. This topsoil is then mixed with organic matter and other materials to make it suitable for your planting needs.

Right PH

Aside from helping to replenish plant nutrients, garden soil has the right PH as they are formulated to provide the right condition for plants.

Because garden soil varies from location to location, it’s crucial to work with a local nursery familiar with the soil and native plants in your area. A quick search for the garden soil near me on Google should show you a list of credible nurseries. 


Garden soil is created using organic matter to give the best result in a garden. It is 100% eco-friendly. Unlike most fertilizers, garden soil doesn’t contain harmful residues that find their way into the crop we eat and impact our health. Garden soil is also safe for the environment. 

Finding garden soil near me

If you’re looking to start a garden or already have one, you should start by getting garden soil suitable for your plants by searching for garden soil near me, no matter where you are. 

Here’s another tip.

You can save yourself time and stress by getting all your plants, supplies, garden soil, and helpful tips and advice at Marshall Grain. We also carry a range of organic plant products, including Azomite, Minerals Plus, Texas Greensand, and Bone Meal, all at incredibly affordable prices.

Call, mail, or visit us at 3525 William D. Tate Ave. Grapevine, TX 76051 to shop with us today!


Landscaping Services Arlington TX

Do you own a retail center, grocery store, retirement community, or high-rise residential building? Our landscaping services Arlington TX are designed to transform your space into a stunning beauty.

Our gallery and genuine customer reviews demonstrate our ability to handle various landscaping projects anywhere in Arlington, Texas. Whether you're looking to add an outdoor kitchen or correct drainage problems, we can create something unique that'll stand out in your neighborhood.

Explore our landscaping services Arlington TX

Landscape design & installation

For us at Marshall Grain, landscaping is art. For your project, we put on our artistic cap to brainstorm design ideas that are completely mesmerizing. Designs that breathe life into your landscape.

Designs that oozes innovation, professionalism, and pure artistry. When we're done with the design, we'll move on to the installation, adding other features such as plants for a perfect look. It's landscape design and installation at its finest.

Drainage and erosion control

You have brilliant-looking, lush landscaping, but erosion and other drainage problems are threatening to undo all your hard work. Beyond that, drainage issues can damage your building's foundation, creating situations where none existed.

Our landscaping services Arlington TX can come to the rescue. We'll evaluate your landscape's unique features and construct a solution that perfectly blends with your garden.


Showcase your style and personality with luxurious hardscaping features! Create a beautiful spot for relaxation and other outdoor activities!

With our expert craftsmanship and experience, we can build you a patio, walkway, decks, outdoor kitchens, driveway, ponds, waterfall, porches, fireplace, and many other features that redefine your outdoor living.

Organic maintenance

Transform your yard from scanty and yellowish to green and lush with our organic yard maintenance methods. While chemical-based approaches can grow your grasses, they can damage your soil and impact your health in the long run.

We've formulated an organic maintenance program that kills off harmful pathogens, keeps weed growth to a minimum, supplies your lawn with nutrients for healthy, fuller growth, and ensures you, your pets, and loved ones remain healthy.

The Marshall Grain difference

Unlike most landscaping companies in the Arlington area, we are unique in many ways.

  • High rate of customer satisfaction

  • Work ethic 

  • Unwavering commitment to protecting the planet using organic products, materials, and methods. 

  • Competitive pricing 

  • Expertise

We take great pride in delivering the most unique services to homeowners and businesses using the best practices in the industry. Take advantage of our landscaping services Arlington TX by consulting our experts today!