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'Red Burgundy' onions have smooth, glossy skin that is purplish-red in color with flesh that is white with pink shading. In general terms, red onions tend to become more pungent later in the season. When harvested early, for example, they can be sliced fresh and used in sandwiches, to top burgers, and to add color and flavor to salads. Harvested later in the season, they can be cured and do store well if kept in a cool, dry, well-ventilated location. Depending on their pungency, you may still find them suitable for raw uses, but they also roast and grill well.

'Red Burgundy' onions are a short day variety.

  • Short-day need only about 12 hours of daylight to trigger the onion root to form a bulb. These are the best choice for Texas.

Red Burgundy Onion Slips

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