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Safe Natural Biological Insect Control Effective against:

Ants •Artichoke Moth Larva • Black Currant Borers • Black Vine Weevils • Cabbage Root Maggots • Carpenter Worms • Coding Moth Larvae • Corn Earworms • Corn Rootworms • Cucumber Beetles • Cutworms • Flea LarvaeFlea BeetlesFungus Gnat Larvae • Gypsy Moth Larvae • Japanese Beetles • Mole Crickets • Onion Maggots • Peach Tree Borers • Poplar Clear Borers • Raspberry Crown Borers • Sod Webworms • Strawberry Weevils • Tobacco Budworms • Weevils • White Grubs


Application is simple. The mixture, including the medium is mixed with cool water and allowed to stand. After 20-30 minutes the mixture should be filtered through a fine kitchen strainer or piece of fine screen to separate the liquid from the vermiculite. The concentrate is mixed at the rate of one ounce to a gallon of cool water then applied with a hose-end or pump up sprayer.




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