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Organic Plant Nurseries Near Grapevine, TX


If you are searching for organic plant nurseries near Grapevine, TX, look to Marshall Grain. Marshall Grain is committed to organic gardening and providing supplies that ensure the health of your plants, pollinators, and the environment. We offer a wide range of plants, fertilizers, bio-stimulants, soil amendments, insect controls, and mulches. Our product selection is carefully curated to ensure that your garden is healthy and thriving. Our organic gardening specialists can assist you with your questions and provide insight into successful organic gardening. Whether you have questions about insect controls, bio-stimulants, or more, we can help you! Visit Marshall Grain in Grapevine, TX, if you are interested in organic plants and gardening! 


Fertilization is an integral part of organic lawn maintenance in which it improves your soil. Through organic fertilizers, you can supplement your soil with fresh macro-nutrients needed to nourish your plants. Biostimulants are beneficial bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that work together with your organic fertilizer. These biostimulants enhance root development and nutrient uptake, as well as moisture retention. With organic fertilizers and biostimulants, your soil and plants can thrive. 


In North Texas, weed control in lawns is challenging because we have 2 cool seasons and lots of weed seeds. The first line of defense is a thick healthy turf, but we also fight weeds with organic pre-emergent and organic post-emergent herbicides. Corn Gluten meal is the proven material to interrupt the seed germination process. We can apply high strength vinegar, Pulverize and other post emergent weed killers to weeds that are already growing. All of these materials are safe for your family and pets.


Marshall Grain offers a wide range of high-quality, natural organic mulches, including aromatic cedar, natural and colored hardwoods, pecan, pine straw, and straw. Mulching can help you achieve your desired look, protect roots against the cold, and act as weed control. Soil Amendments complement fertilizers and bio-stimulants by adding "micro-nutrients" or products that improve the structure, moisture-holding capacity, and drainage ability of your soil. Through mulching, you can magnify your plant growth and health and help it thrive over time. 


The pruning process involves the cutting of plants to rid them of any infected, injured, or dead roots and wood to assure optimal health and growth. It helps control the size and shape of your plants. Pruning can enhance the structural integrity of a tree or shrub while keeping those around it safe. Perennials benefit when you trim back last year's growth. 

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