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Are you seeking organic lawn maintenance services in Colleyville, TX? At Marshall Grain, we help the Colleyville community with all of their organic gardening needs. Our goal is to learn more about your property and find a tailored solution that will benefit your space the most. From mulching to tree planting, sodding, pruning, fertilization, and more, our organic lawn specialist can help your lawn and garden thrive. We proudly serve Colleyville, TX, and the surrounding areas with extraordinary customer service. Through years of experience, attention to detail, and a passion for building stunning outdoor spaces, we help bring your organic lawn maintenance goals to life. Call the organic lawn maintenance professionals at Marshall Grain today to get started! 


Fertilization is an integral part of organic lawn maintenance. Through organic fertilizers, you can supplement your soil with fresh macro-nutrients needed to nourish your plants. Biostimulants are beneficial bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that work together with your organic fertilizer. These biostimulants enhance root development and nutrient uptake, as well as moisture retention. With organic fertilizers and biostimulants, your soil and plants can thrive. 


Organic methods for insect and disease controls offer gardeners a way to protect their vegetables and flowers from damage while ensuring that plants are safe to eat. Through organic practices, you can accomplish your gardening goals while simultaneously protecting our pollinators and the environment.


Marshall Grain offers a wide range of high-quality, natural organic mulches, including aromatic cedar, natural and colored hardwoods, pecan, pine straw, and straw. Soil Amendments complement fertilizers and bio-stimulants by adding "micro-nutrients" or products that improve the structure, moisture-holding capacity, and drainage ability of your soil. Through mulching, you can magnify your plant growth and health and help it thrive over time. 


The pruning process involves the cutting of plants to rid them of any infected, injured, or dead roots and wood to assure optimal health and growth. Pruning can enhance the structural integrity of a tree or shrub while keeping those around it safe. There are many benefits to pruning, and our experts can meet your specific landscape's needs. 

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