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30% Off Evergreen
Wisteria Vines

Jazz up your trellis, fence, or arbor with Evergreen Wisteria (Millettia reticulata)! A good fast-growing vine for the large arbor, pergola, or chain link fence, it has beautiful and fragrant pea-shaped flowers. Although it resembles Chinese wisteria, it is actually not a true wisteria, but is an excellent alternative to its more invasive cousin.

1 Gal., 

Reg: 39.99

Sale: $27.99

3 Gal.,

Reg: $49.99

Sale: $34.99

$2 Off Composted 
Cotton Burr Soil Builder

Cotton burrs are rich in carbon and protein. They also contain significant amounts of plant macro and micro nutrients. When cotton burrs are composted, they make a superior food source for beneficial soil organisms. Those organisms convert nutrients in soil to a form plants can use, aerate the soil, and keep harmful diseases and organisms in check. In short, Back to Nature Cotton Burr Compost is unmatched when it comes to conditioning your soil.

2 cu. ft. bag, 

Reg: $11.99

Sale: $9.99

ornamental kale-cabbage_153904-x.jpg

1-Gal. Ornamental Kale & Cabbage Now 30% Off

Plant cool season color that'll last you all the way through winter. Ornamental Kales and Cabbages offer interesting textures and colors that look great in beds as borders or in containers. Leafy, low growing plants come in shades of blue, green, and purple with contrasting veins or centers. They easily withstand frosts and freezes.



Reg: $9.99

Sale: $6.99

Texas Green Sand Provides Essential Trace Minerals

​Your plants need a lot more than just nitrogen (N), phosphate (P) and potassium (K). They also need essential trace minerals like:


  • Silica

  • Iron Oxide 

  • Magnesium

  • Lime

  • Phosphoric Acid


Texas Green Sand has all these plus 22 other trace minerals to make your soil healthier. Green Sand also helps break up heavy clay soil and improve drainage. It also helps with moisture retention because it absorbs 10 times its weight in water.

40 lb bag, Reg: $13.99


Lava Sand Adds Energy and Increases Soil Porosity

Lava Sand is a highly porous, light-weight volcanic rock that helps aerate your soil and improve its  ability to take up nutrients. Mix Lava Sand in with your native soil or add some to your container plantings to increase moisture retention and improve drainage. You can even apply it to your lawn with fertilizer spreader to help aerate your turf.

40 lb bag, $9.99

rye grass seed-oregon.jpg

Cool Season Annual Rye Grass Seed Now Available!

Keep your lawn green all winter when you over-seed it with annual rye grass seed. 

Overseeding with rye grass provides several benefits, including:

  • Grows fast and vigorously to form a cover 

  • Provides good erosion control

  • Restores nitrogen to the soil

  • Improves fertility and increases organic matter

Oregon Grown 50 lb bag,


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Call Us For Landscape
Design & Installation

Trust Marshall Grain Co. to help you beautify your garden and other outdoor living spaces. Our experienced and professionally trained landscape designers and installation crews are committed to providing you with creative and functional solutions for all types of landscaping challenges, while creating lasting landscape designs that will thrive in our harsh Texas climate. 

We also offer customized organic maintenance plans.

Visit us in the store or online; or give us a call today!

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30% Off 3-Gallon
Elaeagnus Shrubs

These useful evergreen screening plants grow fast when young, becoming dense, full when mature. Fragrant flowers are followed by juicy olive shaped red fruits that birds adore.

They can also be grown as natural espaliers, clipped hedges, and high bank covers. Varieties with silvery gray green foliage reflects sunlight, giving the plants their distinctive sparkle. (The Olive Martini variety offers dark green and yellow variegated foliage.)


Reg: $39.99 - $45.99

Sale: $27.99 - $32.19

30% Off Big 7-Gallon
Dwarf Buford Hollies

One of the most popular hollies, the Dwarf Buford variety is a compact, mini version of the regular sized Buford Holly. The dwarf variety reaches a height of 8 to 11 ft.


Like most hollies it has large, bright red berries on evergreen leaves, but also features yellow-green stems. Makes a great hedge.

7 Gal.,

Reg: $74.99

Sale: $52.49

carolina jessamine_monrovia_372727.jpg

Save $5 On 1-Gallon
Carolina Jessamine Vines

Prized for its spectacular display of fragrant, bright yellow flowers, this Texas evergreen vine climbs beautifully on a trellis, arbor or over fences and walls without smothering surrounding trees and shrubs. Allow to sprawl unsupported across slopes and banks as an informal, mounding ground cover.


Reg: $18.99

Sale: $13.99


$2 Off Mayer
Raised Bed Mix

Your vegetables will love growing in Mayer's Raised Bed and Garden soil mix! Specially blended to bring out the best in your edibles, it's a ready-to-use planting mix infused with beneficial microbes and rich in other soil enhancing ingredients so that your plants can breathe, grow, and flourish. Trust Mayer Raised Bed & Garden Mix to provide all your plants with a healthy growing environment and excellent drainage. 


Get $2 Off Per Bag!


2 cu. ft. bag, 

Reg: $9.99

Sale: $7.99

Expanded Shale Creates Space for Plants to Breathe

Expanded Shale is absolutely the best soil amendment you can use for water retention and for loosening compacted soils. For starters, it holds 40% of its weight in water and then releases it slowly to your plants, so they stay moist longer.


Expanded Shale is crushed and fired in a kiln at high temperatures to produce a clean, inert, porous, and very light weight material. 

For container plantings, put a generous amount of shale in the bottom of your container, then mix in some additional shale with your potting soil.

For flower beds with sticky or gumbo-type soil, till it in to a depth of about 6 to 8 inches. Combine that with about 3 inches of good quality compost, which will result in a 6-inch raised bed with greatly improved nutrient content and better moisture retention.

40 lb bag, $11.99


Price Reduced! Now 70% Off Specially Marked Wild Delight

This is your chance to save big on bird food!


We need to clear out our remaining inventory of selected bags of Wild Delight Premium foods to eliminate those with bugs in them.


Get 70% off specially marked bags of our finest blends, including Fruit N' Berry, Nut N' Berry, Cardinal, and others.

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Sale Prices Good Thru October 21, 2021 unless otherwise noted.

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