Holiday Gift Guide for 2020

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Mallorquina Planters

The island of Majorca in Spain is famous for its finely-painted, glazed  pottery. Hand made using centuries-long traditions to produce some of the finest ceramics in the world.

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Weather Tracker

Is it really that cold outside? Whether you want to know when to cover your plants, or you just like to keep record the temperature, a thermometer is an essential garden accessory. Several styles and designs are available to help you track the highs and lows of life in your garden.

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Wild Bird

Support Our Feathered Friends

Lift your spirits as you enjoy the beauty and wonder of beautiful songbirds flocking to your garden bird feeders. Bird watching is one of the most popular pastimes in America. Give someone you love a bird feeder this holiday season. We have a huge selection of all types of feeders and foods for wild birds. 


Tula Hats

Maximum Sun Protection 

  • UPF 50+ Protection

  • Sustainably made

  • Fair-Traded

  • Various styles available for children and adults

Sun protection starts at the top. Safeguard against wrinkles and harmful sun exposure by wearing a Tula hat whenever you’re outside. With a zero UV transmittance score, you get a sun protective hat that is also stylish!

Tula hats are hand woven by local artisans in Mexico from sustainably grown palm fronds. Your Tula hat will last you a lifetime!


Hand Tools

When Workmanship Matters

A good tool is more than a tool, it's a best friend. Give your favorite gardener a new companion this holiday season. Choose from our wide selection of high-quality hand tools. We carry top brands like DeWit and Corona that are made to last a lifetime.



Remembrance Keepsake

Remember loved ones who've passed with a cardinal charm.

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Pet Treats

Stocking Stuffers

Show your love for your pets by stuffing their Christmas stockings with healthy, nutritious treats and snacks. From biscuits and lickables to soft chews and more, we have something to please every dog and cat.

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Gift Sets

Feminine Gardening Accessories

Show your love for the woman in your life with Lilac Vine garden accessories designed just for her. Sturdy tools with a feminine look coordinate with hats aprons, tool carriers, and other gardening essentials.

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Stone Age Creations

Hand-Carved Animals

Find your spirit animal or start a collection! Stone Age Creations animals are expertly hand carved by highly trained artisans from granite and marble. Each stone animal varies in color, texture and formation to create a truly unique work of art. Magnificent detail!

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Dog Toys!

Play for Fun & Health

Playtime is not only lots of fun but it's also healthy for both you and your pooch.  Enjoy a game of fetch with one of our many tossable toys or play tug-o-war with a tug toy. Of course, next to a car ride, there's nothing better than a great chew toy to occupy your K9 when you're not around. Plus, dental chews are a great way to help keep their teeth clean.

See our great selection of entertaining toys for your pup.

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Pet Care Accessories

Feeding & Grooming

Our pet department includes all your pet care essentials:

  • Food Dishes

  • Collars & Leashes

  • Grooming Tools

  • Shampoos 

  • Flea Treatments

  • Health Supplements

  • Bedding

  • Cleaning Supplies

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Cardinal-Themed Tree Decorations

Make Christmas memorable by giving your bird-loving friends and family unique Cardinal-themed ornaments they can hang year-after-year.

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Terra Cotta

Beautiful & Practical

Deroma pottery kneads together design and innovation with terracotta clay and human passion to form unique objects.

Each piece embodies a perfect combination of innovative ideas, state-of-the-art technology, style and design, intelligent manufacturing, and attention to detail. 

Don't just pot your plants, give them a beautiful home!


Garden Art

Indoor & Outdoor Art

Clever quotes to hang or stand, metal crafted nature-themed art, hand-cared stone animals and many other one-of-a-kind gifts for gardeners.

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Supplements for Cats

Keep your kitty healthy with Herbsmith dietary supplements for cats. 

Improve gut health with Microflora Plus. Bladder Care helps maintain your cat's urinary pH to reduce the likelyhood of crystal formation in the bladder. Sound Kitty is a glucosamine-based formula that aids in joint support.



Made in Texas

Whether you're seeking a staff for a wilderness trek, a stick or cane for support, or a one-of-a-kind heirloom quality gift, Brazos walking sticks are  the best. Handcrafted in Texas, from the highest quality trees in the US. You can rest assured, that a Brazos will last you for many years to come.



Listen to the Wind Blow

Relax to the calming sound of a windchime gently playing on the breeze. 

Our selection of soulful chimes includes beautifully designed, hand-tuned Woodstock and Music of the Spheres creations. They'll have you singing about their melodic messages!

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Cat Toys!

Entertain & Exercise Your Kitty

Stimulate your kitty's imagination and encourage essential exercise with super fun toys! Find a variety of catnip-stuffed shapes your cat will love to lick and kick. Strengthen your bond with interactive toys like DaBird and the always-popular kitty feather duster, and check out our battery-operated motion toys.


After all, no one can have too many toys!


Tool Seat

Comfort and Convenience

Put an end to back-breaking, knee-crushing work and grab a seat! Earthway tool seats make gardening more comfortable and convenient. A sturdy, collapsible steel frame covered with heavy-duty canvas includes 6 side pockets for tools and a detachable bag for collecting clippings and debris.