5 Types of Hardscaping Projects

Hardscaping and landscaping mean different things, even though a lot of people use them interchangeably. Hardscapes are the ‘hard’ structures within landscapes and refer to solid, non-living structures such as stone, pavers, and cement. You can think of hardscaping as one part of landscaping, the other being softscaping which are the grasses, shrubs, and other plants.

Hardscaping projects are beautiful additions to any home, improving its curb appeal and increasing its value. Hardscaping projects also offer functional benefits. Here are 5 hardscaping projects you can install in your home.

#1. Deck and Patio

Deck and patios are great projects that can increase the functionality of any home. They enable you to relax and enjoy amazing views of the surrounding area. Deck and patio also enable you to host family parties, barbecues, and do outdoor cooking. While they serve many functional purposes, they also add to the aesthetics of many homes. Available in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, designs, deck & patio can be customized and decorated to your taste.


#2. Walkways

Walkways, when creatively designed, give your home that polished look that makes your property stand out from the rest. Walkway offers more benefits than just aesthetics. They provide a path for you and your guests to walk on safely. If you have an uneven yard and want to prevent people from walking on your grass, a walkway can help. Easy to install, walkways are a simple, cost-effective way of bringing all the design elements in your landscape together.

#3. Pergolas and Arbors

Another hardscaping project you should consider is a pergola or arbor. These two are a great addition that adds style and character to any landscaping. Often made of wood, these two offer you a private section to relax alone or with family and friends while taking in the beautiful landscaping views. Although pergolas and arbors share many design elements, they differ. A pro can recommend the best option depending on your landscaping features and needs.


#4. Retaining Wall

If you have sloppy landscaping, retaining walls offer both aesthetic and functional benefits that are perfect for your yard. They hold back sand and dirt and can be used as planting areas. Adding structure to your lawn, retaining wall enables you to make the most of an otherwise unfavorable terrain. However, constructing a retaining wall requires more expertise and requires you to work with a certified and experienced contractor.

#5. Driveways

One of the essential hardscape projects, driveways serve as paths to garages and houses. You can also park your car on your driveway. Driveways also enhance the overall appearance of your property. With different construction materials to choose from, you can construct a driveway that appeals to your style, taste, and personality. You can use concrete, asphalt, cobblestone, pavers, and others.

If you’re looking for a professional contractor to complete your home’s hardscaping project, look no further than Marshall Grain Co. We’ll visit your home, listen to your ideas, and build you a beautiful and functional hardscape you’ll love for years to come. Consult our experts today!



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