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Lavender cookie recipe
unbaked cookies on cookie sheets
ready to bake cookies

Lavender Cookie Recipe

Devised by herb expert Marilyn Buehler. Use lavender or lavendula from your own garden to make delicious herb-infused cookies!


The Ultimate Organic Lawn Care Guide for North Texas

Marshall Grain Co.'s Ultimate Organic Lawn Care Guide is the most comprehensive lawn care manual for North Texas! Learn how organic methods result in a tougher and more beautiful lawn better able to withstand pests and diseases all while saving you money.

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Vegetable Planting Calendar for
North Texas

Learn the best times to start your vegetables seeds! Our custom planting calendar is tailored to provide you with the optimum seed-starting dates for our North Texas climate.

monarch butterfly
orange & black wings with black veins
black body

Best Milkweed Varieties for North Texas

Our food supply depends on our native pollinators like the Monarch butterfly. But Monarch populations have been in decline for over two decades, threatening our own existence. Monarchs must have Milkweed plants to survive. You can help save them by growing these varieties of Milkweed in your garden.