The newest and most junior member of our executive staff is Bandit. He was recruited from the Euless Animal Shelter as a kitten in October of 2019 to take charge of rodent control and immediately demonstrated his extraordinary mousing prowess. It's no wonder why we chose the name "Bandit" from among the dozens of entries we got in our kitten naming contest -- His repertoire of amazing hunting skills also includes stealing employees' lunches (even when they are looking!), chewing open bags of cat food, and knocking over trash cans in search of anything edible. He insists that none of the the many different cat foods we serve him are quite as tasty as a Whataburger wrapper. When he's not stealing food, Bandit loves to torment the other cats by trying to play with them. Frosty, Callie, and Marsha unanimously agree that he is a totally annoying pest. Somehow, though, when nap time rolls around, they each let him curl up with them in a big, fluffy ball. Secretly his siblings are happy to retire from rodent hunting and turn over that hard work to their younger, more eager enforcer.