About the Marshall Grain Co.

The Marshall Grain Company is a Fort Worth institution. We've been around since at least 1914 when O. L. Marshall was supplying feed and eggs to the city of Fort Worth from his downtown store.

Over the years Marshall Grain moved to several Fort Worth locations including one in the stockyards. In 1946 C. B. Marshall built a store for feed and grain on East Lancaster Avenue, about 2 miles east of downtown. In 1979, the company built a new building next door. Over the years we've expanded the new building and occupy it today.

In March 2009 we opened a second store in Grapevine. The new store has a lot more store space and a big area for plants.

Since 1914 the nature of the business has changed dramatically. In the 80's we began carrying organic gardening supplies, quickly becoming recognized as a primary source for the Fort Worth area. With the increasing urbanization of the local area our business in food and supplies for companion animals - dogs, cats and birds - grew strongly. We still sell a lot of feed for the barnyard critters, but domestic pets are a bigger part of the business. And, now-a-days, the barnyard animals are more likely to be treasured members of the family than part of a working ranch.

As we enter the 21st century Marshall Grain continues to evolve, bringing organic gardening and animal products to our longtime friends and customers. And responding to the evolving needs of old and new customers.

Marsha and Marshall, responsible for security in our Grapevine store, take their duties seriously. Especially their jobs as cat toy testers!